Justice lowers the sentence of a soldier who abused two girls and sent them sexual videos to 19 years in prison

Justice lowers the sentence of a soldier who abused two girls and sent them sexual videos to 19 years in prison

The Superior Court of Justice of Madrid has decided to reduce the sentence imposed on a paratrooper from the Army for abusing two girls and sending them sexual videos, arrested at a Spanish military base in Iraq in 2018 after the families denounced them. The magistrates, according to the sentence to which elDiario.es has had access, reduce their initial sentence of 23 years and 2 months in prison to a total of 19 years in prison, understanding that the Provincial Court did not justify the imposition of some sentences well from prison The convicted person can still take his case to the Supreme Court to get out of the Alcalá de Henares military prison.

This soldier, member of the VI Almogávares Parachute Brigade (BRIPAC) and assigned to Paracuellos del Jarama, was detained at the Spanish base of Besmayah, in Iraq, in 2018 by order of the judge Paul Ruz. Two families reported that she had been exchanging messages, photos and videos of sexual content with her two young daughters, one 13 and the other 11 years old. The pedophile, who was almost 40 years old, had been a personal friend of the family of one of her victims for years.

For months, the military abused one of the girls, sent them sexual photos and videos and demanded that the girls also send him pedophile material. He took advantage of various circumstances to commit these crimes: he was a family friend, he was a physical trainer at the tennis club in the Madrid town of Móstoles where they lived and, finally, bragging about his military profession. They expressed their "admiration" of him and he gave them gifts from the Land Army such as badges with his name, t-shirts and, according to sources of the case, rings that he used in his jumps as a parachutist.

The parents of one of the victims found out what was happening when their daughter told them about the sexual communications she had with the pedophile. The Provincial Court of Madrid imposed a total of 23 years and 2 months in prison for six different crimes: sexual abuse, two of provocation, exhibitionism and two more corruption of minors. The Superior Court of Justice reduces some of these sentences to 19 years of presidency, understanding that the Court "did not adequately motivate" the quantification of the prison sentence in half of the crimes of which he was found guilty. In some cases he had resorted to a more serious sentence without justifying it.

The judges reduced his sentence but did not question either the victims' story or the guilt of the military pedophile, who is in the Alcalá military prison and who can still go to the criminal court of the Supreme Court. The three magistrates of the Madrid high court speak, for example, of a "devastating incriminating account" of one of the minors, in their "firm and persistent" statement accompanied by a "convincing" set of evidence such as the statement of the families, the forensic reports and the messages that the convicted person exchanged with his victims.

The sentence of the High Court of Madrid endorses the statement of the two girls against the exculpatory version of the Army parachutist, in the same way that the Provincial Court declared their appearances "credible". The sentences in the case reveal that the accused deleted more than 130 videos in the year and a half that he was talking to the girls, despite which the investigators managed to get to the material and certify the shipment: they found the same files on his phone and in that of their victims.

During the investigation, the two minors explained to Judge Ruz how they felt compelled to send him this sexual material, sometimes under direct duress. "It's like a machine, he asked and I did," said one of them. "He abused my trust, my mind and my body," added the second victim. The psychologists of the Center for Intervention in Child Sexual Abuse (CIASI) explained that the dynamics of the convicted person was that of "seduction-infatuation" with them, which made them both "emotionally hooked" and ended up agreeing to all their character requests. pedophile.

His objective, according to the account of proven facts now endorsed by the Superior Court of Madrid, was to "trick" the girls. Later he also tried unsuccessfully to convince the judges that everything that had happened was a consequence of his work as a soldier. According to the Provincial Court in the first sentence of the case, he "tried to causally link the facts with his professional activity in the Army", something rejected by the judges. He also acknowledged the authorship of some messages and apologized for some of them. He sent sexual messages to the girls even while their families filed the complaint at the police station.

The courts that have examined the case have no doubt that, however, what he did was take advantage of his status as a family friend and physical trainer at the sports center where they both went to play tennis. "The defendant imposed an abusive interpersonal relationship in which he objectified the minor," said the first sentence of the case after pointing to a "manipulation and annulment" to which he subjected one of his victims. They even added then, manipulated "what which is a free relationship and in fullness to achieve its goal".

The Superior Court of Madrid now dismisses his appeal and endorses the "convincing" result of the tests and the trial against him. "There is no doubt," he says, that he should be convicted of, among other things, making child pornography using both girls. He also rejects, as requested by the military, lowering the compensation of the victims.

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