April 19, 2021

Justice gives the reason to the Franco in the ownership of the statues of the Portico de la Gloria | Culture

Justice gives the reason to the Franco in the ownership of the statues of the Portico de la Gloria | Culture

The Court of First Instance number 41 of Madrid has given the reason, in the first instance, to the heirs of the dictator Francisco Franco on the property of the statues of the Portico of Glory of the Cathedral of Santiago work of Mestre Mateo, Isaac and Abraham, who claimed the City Council of Compostela. The judge, according to sources admit of the City council of Santiago, does not recognize in sentence to the Galician Consistory "the right title" of its property, nor that they are the same that adorned the Portico of the original Glory until 1521, when its anteroom or peristyle was dismantled .

Thus, in the ruling, dated Friday 8 and which has been accessed by Europa Press, Judge Adelaida Medrano Aranguren has dismissed "in its entirety" the lawsuit filed by the City of Santiago against the heirs of the Franco -María del Carmen , Jaime Felipe, María Aránzazu, José Cristóbal, Doña María del Mar and María de la O Martínez-Bordiu Franco- and the company Pristina SL.

The appeal can be lodged against the resolution in 20 days before the court, regarding what sources consulted have confirmed that they will follow the judicial process and appeal to the Provincial Court. "We lost the first battle, but we do not take for granted the war of recovering their heritage for the public," said the Mayor of Compostela, Martiño Noriega.

Proven facts that the magistrate of the Court of Instruction 41 of Madrid will have to assess. The Portico de la Gloria of the Cathedral of Santiago showed up to the 16th century a different aspect from the current one. It was of greater proportions and had an anteroom (peristyle or exonártex) presided by a large central arch and two side doors and decorated by seven or eight sculptures of prophets and kings. In 1521, this superb structure of the teacher Mateo was dismantled and his figures distributed in different places.

In the 18th century, the sculptures of Portico of Glory of the Cathedral of Santiago Abraham and Isaac went to the hands of the Count of Ximonde, who kept them in a pazo of his property. The City Council of Santiago has defended during the trial, providing documents, which in June 1948 the Consistory bought them from the descendants of the Count through two payments of 30,000 pesetas. In this way, they were in the consistorial house until the late fifties, early sixties, when they disappeared to finishin the summer residence of the dictator, the pazo de Meirás.

The defense of the Franco, who refuse to return the sculptures to the Consistory, argued during the trial that the sculptures were acquired from a private individual and, in the event that this was not the case, the alleged abduction would be prescribed in the decade of the eighties of the last century, when 25 years of the events were fulfilled.


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