Justice extends the mandatory covid certificate for levels 3 and 4 for another month

The covid passport will continue to be mandatory for one more month on the islands that fall into levels 3 and 4 during that time.. Right now this affects Tenerife, La Palma and Gran Canaria, at level 4, El Hierro, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, at level 3. The Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands (TSJC) has given the green light to the extension requested by the Ministry of Health given "the current circumstances" in which it is in the Archipelago in relation to the coronavirus characterized by high hospital care pressure and a still high -although declining- number of daily infections.

Leisure and restaurant venues, as well as cultural venues, must ask their clients for a covid certificate (vaccination, diagnostic test carried out 48 days in advance or having overcome the disease between 11 and 180 days prior) as an entry requirement. The accreditation of the sanitary requirements will be required for access to both the open spaces and the closed spaces of the establishments, facilities or activities indicated. The certificate must also be requested in those spaces in which there is a special relationship with vulnerable people, as is the case of health or socio-health establishments.

The room made up of the lawyers Óscar Bosch, Débora Padilla and Antonio Doreste has decided that this measure is in force until February 24 at 00:00. However, it will be extendable if the Government of the Canary Islands deems it appropriate. On levels 1 and 2, the use of the covid certificate continues on a voluntary basis for establishments subject to capacity and time limits. If they request it, they will be able to enjoy the measures contemplated in a lower level. If the place that applies it is on a level 1 island, it will be free of restrictions.

saturated hospitals

The sixth wave continues its advance, although the data seems to indicate that it has reached its peak. The number of new positives diagnosed today amounts to 2,799, which represents a decrease of 23% compared to the previous week. The photograph is repeated in Tenerife, which adds 985 cases (-34% compared to the previous week) and in Gran Canaria, whose new positives amount to 1,218 (-11%). The decrease is generalized in all the Islands, with the exception of El Hierro, where the weekly cases have increased.

Hospitals, however, maintain a high care pressure that is saturating services throughout the Canary Islands. With 659 patients admitted - 80 of them in critical condition - most hospitals have been forced to take drastic measures, especially in Tenerife. However, the pressure is great in Gran Canaria, especially in the Hospital Insular-Materno Infantil. This center has proceeded to create a covid guard in Internal Medicine to be able to cover the care needs of the sixth wave. In addition to the services currently involved in the so-called Internal Medicine departmental guard, doctors from other medical services will be added. The high hospital saturation is what has brought both Gran Canaria and La Palma to level 4, whose restrictions will become effective as of today.

school vaccination

And while, Work continues to launch the vaccination campaign in schools. The Ministry of Education has revealed that this experience will begin with a pilot test in several selected centers in the capital's islands. This next step in vaccination will turn schools into large pediatric vaccination centers against covid-19, although when or where it will start has not yet been finalized.

This was explained yesterday by the Ministry of Education, which ensures that the counselor of the area, Manuela Armas, has been attending different meetings in recent days to specify when to start this massive vaccination that will be in charge of the Ministry of Health. In this way, Education puts its grain of sand to help stop the infections by covid-19 that are taking place in classrooms throughout the Canary Islands. The centers where the vaccination will be carried out will be a test to see if this method can be applied and extended to more centers on the islands.

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