October 20, 2020

Justice endorses all the Generalitat’s restrictions to stop contagion

The Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia has authorized all the measures of the Generalitat to stop contagion in Catalonia, including those that were suspended pending judicial ratification.

The Government required judicial endorsement only for restrictions that limited fundamental rights – the prohibition of meetings of more than six people, the suspension of face-to-face classes at the university and the limit of 50% of capacity in religious acts. On the contrary, the closure of bars and restaurants did not affect fundamental rights, which is why it came into effect last midnight without the need for approval from the judges.

However, the TSJC must rule again on the closure of bars and restaurants that the hoteliers have appealed. But the judicial decision will take a few days, so the Generalitat will see its objective of suspending the activity of bars to reduce social interactions and mobility, the main drivers of contagion, fulfilled.


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