April 16, 2021

Justice demands from Fiscala information about pedophilia cases in the Church – La Provincia

Justice demands from Fiscala information about pedophilia cases in the Church - La Provincia

The Minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, has requested this Tuesday through written to the State Attorney General's Office that the Public Ministry inform him of the proceedings opened in the courts by aggression and sexual abuse of minors committed in congregations, schools or any other type of religious institution.

The petition, according to the Ministry, is framed in Article 9.2 of the Organic Statute of the Public Prosecutor that establishes that the State's attorney general will "inform the government, when it is interested and there is no legal obstacle, with respect to any of the matters in that the Public Prosecutor intervenes, as well as the functioning, in general, of the Administration of Justice ".

In his letter to the body he directs María José Segarra, Minister Delgado recalls that the Council of Minister approved in the first round on December 28 the Draft Organic Law of Comprehensive Protection of Children and Adolescents against Violence "whose objective is to provide greater protection to children and adolescents against any type of physical, psychological and emotional abuse. "

The document emphasizes that one of the aspects of this preliminary project is the reform of the aggressions and the sexual abuses committed to minors. This modification changes the statute of limitations for these crimes so that the period begins to count as of the victim's 30th birthday and not at 18 as currently.

Delgado justifies those changes for the "especially serious effects for the development of personality of the children who suffer them, effects that last for a large part of their adult life. "He also points out that his goal is" to ensure that the injured or injured have reached enough maturity to overcome the shame and fear generated by these execrable attacks and can face with solvency the denunciation of the facts and the criminal process to which, in its case, it gives rise ".

Finally, the letter reflects how, in recent months, the media have reported "numerous cases" of alleged sexual aggressions committed in congregations and religious institutions, institutions that, in many cases, "have contributed to the concealment of these crimes and the protection of perpetrators".

For Justice, that journalistic information have generated "an important social alarm" and "a strong demand for this Government to address this phenomenon," explains Minister Delgado in her brief to the attorney general.

Sources of the Office of the Prosecutor have confirmed to Europa Press the reception of this petition as well as that they will study how this Justice petition is handled. The Attorney General's Office collects in its annual report the crimes of sexual abuse and crimes against minors but has not been differentiated so far by the type of aggressor.


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