Justice confirms the acquittal of Cifuentes in the Master's case and lowers the sentence of his advisor and a teacher

The Superior Court of Justice of Madrid (TSJM) has confirmed the acquittal of Cristina Cifuentes for the Master's case. The Civil and Criminal Chamber has dismissed the appeal presented by the Prosecutor's Office, which alleged that the judgment of the Hearing of Madrid that refused to condemn the former president of the Community of Madrid omitted in an "irrational" and "incongruous" manner the "multiple indications" that surfaced against her in the oral hearing and requested a repetition of the trial. The judges have lowered the sentences of a teacher of the Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC) master's degree and the regional government advisor who pressed for an alibi that would free Cifuentes from the scandal.

The Prosecutor's Office appeals the acquittal of Cifuentes for the Master's case and requests a repetition of the trial

The Prosecutor's Office appeals the acquittal of Cifuentes for the Master's case and requests a repetition of the trial

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Unlike the Prosecutor's Office, which requested three years and three months in prison for the former president of the Community of Madrid, the Chamber understands that the sentencing court “did not incur a deficit of motivation, nor is its speech irrational, nor does it omit reasoning on any evidence relevant ”and maintains that the sentence in which he agreed to his acquittal explains" succinctly "the reasons for the acquittal.

According to the resolution of the Provincial Court of Madrid - now ratified with respect to Cifuentes - the former Madrid president did not play any role in the preparation of the false certificate about your master's thesis with which he tried to justify that he had done that postgraduate degree after the exclusive of elDiario.es. "Nothing has been proven on what prompted, suggested or pressured for the falsification of the document in question," says that sentence, last February. According to the magistrates, who defended that the "legitimate suspicions" that might exist did not become "sufficient evidence" to justify their responsibility, the fact that the former president exhibited "publicly" the copy of the document that she received from the rector was nothing more than "an indication, not corroborated by others".

In the sentence made public this Monday, against which an appeal can be made to the Supreme Court, the magistrates of the TSJM maintain that although the resolution of the Madrid Court "outlined some details and its acquittal speech neither includes nor excludes the construction proposed by the Prosecutor ”, not for this reason“ does not comply with the duty of motivation or infringe the right to effective judicial protection invoked by the public prosecution for irrational assessment of the evidence ”.

On the other hand, the TSJM has partially estimated the appeals presented by Cecilia Rosado, the teacher who forged the signatures of the former president's minutes; and by María Teresa Feito, the regional government advisor who lobbied for an alibi for Cifuentes. To the first of them, the sentence as the author of a crime of falsification in an official document has been reduced to the penalty of one year in prison, compared to the year and six months in prison to which the Provincial Court of Madrid sentenced her. For her part, María Teresa Feito sees her sentence reduced from the initial three years in prison to two years in prison as an inducer of a crime of documentary falsification.


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