October 20, 2020

Justice confirms that the piece of lung found in Lanzarote is Romina Celeste | Society

Justice confirms that the piece of lung found in Lanzarote is Romina Celeste | Society

The lung remains that the Guardia Civil found in January in waters off the coast of Lanzarote belong to Romina Celeste Núñez, the Paraguayan woman disappeared last Christmas and whose husband is still in provisional detention since January 17. This has been confirmed this Thursday by the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands with the results of the anatomical forensic. The DNA found in the organ matches that of Romina's mother, "with an infinitesimal margin of error." Although sources of the investigation aimed at "the obvious" that they were of the girl, they expected an official confirmation. He arrives now, a week after his mother, Miriam Rodriguez, landed in Spain to undergo the final DNA tests.

Of this woman nothing was known from the 1 of January. Her husband, Raúl Díaz, reported his disappearance a week later and was arrested when security forces intercepted a telephone conversation in which he told a relative how he had gotten rid of the body of the woman, 28 years old. The man, of 44, in preventive prison accused of killing his partner and of habitual abuse, told the agents that when he returned home in New Year he found his wife dead and, scared because he had used drugs, decided to get rid of the body. He tried to burn it in the garden and, not getting it, he distributed his remains in two points off the coast of Lanzarote, he said.

The search device was launched immediately. On January 5, a foreign tourist who was walking on Las Cucharas beach, east of the island, found a piece of "something" that he could not identify. He warned the rescuer and this, explain sources of the investigation, was not able to find out what it was either. "It could be a big fish, a piece of some animal … The man put it in a plastic bag and threw it into a container," explained the Civil Guard.

The tourist contacted the security forces on January 15 after "falling into account" that everything he was hearing in the news about the disappearance of Romina Celeste Núñez and the confession of her husband It could be related to the discovery of that organic piece. The agents picked up the container in question and took it to the main post in Costa Teguise, "where the investigation is taking place and where the requisitioned vehicle is also located more than a week ago", which, according to the indications, Raúl Diaz used to transport the body of his wife.

They opened each package and each plastic bag until they found it on January 16 and sent it to the Institute of Forensic Medicine for analysis: "I was in very bad condition, I had been wrapped for 10 days, between garbage and the sun. It was muscle, it could be some part of some organ, animal or human. " The place where it was found, explains the Civil Guard, Las Cucharas beach, is about three kilometers south of the Los Ancones area, one of the two points that the accused marked when he told where he had thrown the body. "Due to distance, time and currents, which favored that displacement, there were possibilities that it was part of the remains of Romina Celeste Núñez".

Núñez was la fifth woman murdered by sexist violence in 2019, when the Government Delegation recognized it as such, before that confirmation on DNA. But it was not the last, there are already eight victims this year, 983 since there are official records, in 2003. The 016 is the telephone number for the victims of machismo. It does not leave a trace on the invoices, but it must be deleted from the mobile.


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