September 29, 2020

Justice condemns the PP for trying to cut compensation for permanent workers with more than 30 years of service

The Social Court number 4 of Madrid considers unfair dismissal that the Popular Party classifies as “eventual” permanent workers of its parliamentary group, with up to 33 and 34 years of seniority, in order to save the payment of their severance payments, as advanced by Cadena SER.

The court ruled that by classifying permanent workers as temporary, it was intended to avoid the payment of 95% of the compensation that would have corresponded to them and declares said dismissal inadmissible. The court has taken into account the testimony of some high-ranking party officials such as Francisco Álvarez Cascos, Arturo García Tizón or iñigo Méndez de Vigo.

These party figures signed a letter recognizing those workers the “reservation of place, category, level, three-year terms and other rights,” says the information from the SER.

Now the party led by Pablo Casado has two options: reinstate them in their jobs or pay the compensation claimed in full. In its day, the party indicated that it was going to request a legal report from the Chamber’s lawyers and that it would act accordingly.


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