Jusapol policemen plan five anti-government demonstrations before and during the NATO summit

Jusapol policemen plan five anti-government demonstrations before and during the NATO summit

The Jusapol association plans five protests in the days before and in front of the headquarters of the NATO summit in Madrid, which will be held on June 29 and 30, in order to demand a new salary increase from the Government. These policemen and civil guards have informed the Government Delegation that they are going to gather for almost 14 hours in total between June 28, 29 and 30 in front of the Ifema pavilion, despite the fact that their claim is not against NATO or the meeting of the heads of state of its member countries, as reported to elDiario.es.

The new union that demands 2,500 euros for rookies sweeps the Police

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The demonstrations of Jusapol and its derivatives in the Police and Civil Guard, Jupol and Jucil, respectively, usually receive a large representation of politicians from the extreme right of Vox and the rest of the rights, PP and Ciudadanos. On this occasion, during the NATO summit, he will exhibit his claim for more money, exclusively for Police and Civil Guard officials.

The last time that Jusapol, Jupol and Jucil agreed with the aforementioned parties to protest against the Government It was on the occasion of the draft for the reform of the Citizen Security Law that PSOE and United We Can agree on. The call had a decalogue plagued with statements about the aforementioned text that did not correspond to what it said, sprinkled with comments from a strong ideological load.

The salary increase required by Jusapol, Jupol and Jucil for the police and civil guards must be added, according to them, to the 400 euros net increase in their payrolls approved by the last PP government and implemented by Pedro Sánchez. A police officer fresh out of the academy then went on to receive more than 1,900 euros net per month.

The three days of demonstrations in front of the headquarters of the NATO summit (three and a half hours on the morning of the 28th, as many on the 29th, and six and a half hours on the morning and afternoon of the 30th, the most important of the conclave ) will be preceded by two other protest acts that, in this case, have been made public by the associations concerned. On June 25, Jusapol police and civil guards will begin to warm up the subsequent protests by riding a motorcycle from the headquarters of the General Police Station for Citizen Security on Francos Rodríguez street to the Ministry of the Interior, on Paseo de La Castellana starting at 11:30 a.m.

Protest in front of the riot headquarters

For its part, Jupol, the majority police union that emanates from Jusapol, has called another protest just 48 hours before the start of the NATO summit, on June 27, at the headquarters of the Police Intervention Unit (UIP) in Madrid to demand a new salary increase for its members and other "social and labor improvements". They have communicated that some 500 people will participate, they add. The summit will be held on June 29 and 30, but the security deployment organized by the Ministry of the Interior, in which the police themselves will participate, started at the end of May.

When the protest takes place, most of the 34 groups of the UIP - some 1,500 agents - will already be displaced to the UIP headquarters in Madrid, on Tacona Street, who will participate in the large police force for the summit of the NATO.

“The conflict is not over”

The president of Jusapol, Miguel Ángel Gómez, has declared to elDiario.es that the demand for salary equality will continue until Police and Civil Guard officials stop receiving an average of 400 euros less on the basic scale compared to regional police officers , which translates, as he says, into a difference of 900 euros per month when it comes time to retire.

Asked about the suitability of these salary increase demands in the Spanish economic context, Gómez affirms: “Every moment is good for a claim for justice that has been taking place for more than 30 years and that was not resolved in times of fat cows. In times of lean cows, they turned to us by taking away our extra pay and freezing our salary [dentro del recorte general a los funcionarios]. We understand the situation of other groups, but the wage conflict with the Police and the Civil Guard has not ended as the Government says.

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