Jusapol, in front of Congress: "Government resigned, murderous ETA"

"Government resigns, ETA murders". Thus they have received the budget negotiation round opened by the Government with different parliamentary forces, including ERC and EH Bildu, from the Jusapol police and civil guards association. The agents of the authority have demonstrated in front of the Congress accompanied by the Asociación PRO Guardia Civil, a firm defender of the military character of the institution, and by some of the most recognizable faces of Vox, such as its secretary general, Javier Ortega-Smith, or its deputy spokesperson, Macarena Olona. Representatives of the PP and Citizens have also attended, although at a lower level in the ranks, such as deputies Ana Vázquez Blanco and Beatriz Fanjul or deputy Miguel Gutiérrez.

The new union that demands 2,500 euros for newbies is devastated in the Police

The new union that demands 2,500 euros for newbies is devastated in the Police

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VIDEO | Police unions demonstrate in Madrid after Sánchez's condolences for the suicide of an ETA prisoner

With the anthem of Spain and that of the Civil Guard as the soundtrack, less than a hundred protesters have concentrated in the Carrera de San Jerónimo, firm and in formation to occupy most of the space that communicates the Congress with the Plaza de Neptuno . The protest, in principle, was called by the words of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, deeply regretting the suicide of ETA prisoner Igor González without, they said, "never" having shown concern about this problem in the Forces and Corps of State Security, reports Europa Press.

During the rally, repeated slogans have been heard against the Government of Pedro Sánchez, which has been required to resign, and against the negotiations opened with EH Bildu for the General Budgets.

The demonstration has been guarded by a strong police force, which has blocked access to the Congress area from several hundred meters away. At the last Jusapol rally in Parliament, protesters broke the police cordon before the passivity of the police device.

At the end of the concentration, a good part of the protesters have approached several terraces adjacent to the Carrera de San Jerónimo. Several vans of the Police Intervention Unit (UIP) of the National Police have passed by during the disassembly of the operation by the demonstration, lighting and sounding their sirens as a way of greeting their companions. They have returned the greeting with cheers and applause.


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