August 3, 2021

Jusapol asks for calm before the "threats" against his demonstration in Barcelona

Jusapol asks for calm before the "threats" against his demonstration in Barcelona

The police union Jusapol today called for calm before the "threats" received as a result of the convocation tomorrow of a demonstration in Barcelona, ​​after the incidents with a group of independentistas occurred at the end of another march on September 29.

In a statement, Jusapol has insisted that the demonstration to be held tomorrow at noon in Barcelona seeks to claim the real wage comparison and their labor rights, which they believe they could not finish doing last September 29, when a group of independentistas they rebuked, after they paid tribute to the agents who loaded the 1-O.

According to this union, the more than 70 demonstrations that have taken place throughout Spain so far have been held peacefully, and are convinced that this will also be Saturday in Barcelona, ​​when there is also a counterprotest called by the CUP .

"Our objective is to achieve the real salary comparison and our rights, and we will carry out all the mobilizations and demands that are necessary", assures Jusapol.

Precisely, the Ministry of the Interior has modified the route that had requested Jusapol and the CUP to demonstrate for conflicting reasons on Saturday 10th in Barcelona, ​​and thus avoid coinciding in the same area after the incidents of September 29.

The Directorate General of Security Administration of the Ministry of the Interior has agreed that neither of the two demonstrations, Jusapol and CUP, can be held in the Plaza de Catalunya, as both organizations had initially requested, to prevent coincide and the confrontations are repeated.

In this way, the Jusapol march has been authorized to start in Via Laietana and finish in Arc de Triomf, while the CUP will start with four columns that will start from four neighborhoods in Barcelona to finish in the Plaza Universitat.

One of the participants in the September demonstration of Jusapol, which was called to claim wage equalization and ended with a tribute to the National Police and Civil Guard agents who intervened to avoid the referendum, was injured when attacked by a group of independentistas at the end of the march.

The assault took place when a group of people, carrying independence symbols, approached several demonstrators who were in the Plaza de Catalunya in Barcelona, ​​who they rebuked and beat with a flag, after finishing the march of Jusapol.


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