July 29, 2021

Junqueras asks to agree on the electoral calendar to avoid “haste, improvisation and blackmail”

The leader of the ERC, Oriol Junqueras, has defended agreeing with JxCat on the calendar of the elections in Catalonia to avoid falling into “haste, improvisation and blackmail”.

“Coalition governments speak and agree on these scenarios. The state has already imposed elections on us and I do not think that citizens deserve that,” he said in an interview in Ara this Sunday collected by Europa Press.

He has ruled out that they should be held immediately, because the priority now is “to save as many lives as possible and start laying the foundations for reconstruction,” but once the health emergency is over, citizens should be able to vote who is leading the recovery, according to the.

Junqueras – in prison after being convicted and disabled by the 1-O – wants to be the ERC candidate for those elections: “This is my wish and we will fight to the end to combat the repression of the State.”


In his opinion, the management of the coronavirus pandemic that the Government has carried out has been limited by the recentralization of powers due to the state of alarm: “At times the feeling is of managing with one hand tied behind the back “

“We are not in a war, there is no need for a single command or militarization, but medical criteria and putting the common good and people at the center,” and he said that the ERC will not vote in favor of a new extension of the state of alarm. if this recentralization is not reversed.

It also places as a requirement that the Government commits to retake the negotiating table as soon as the health emergency allows, and has stated that the Chief Executive, Pedro Sánchez, “must decide whether he wants to be in the hands of the right or if he wants to maintain those investiture relationships. “

On whether in an independent Catalonia there would have been fewer deaths from coronaviruses, he said that it is difficult to know: “In any case, I defend that we have all the right to manage directly, and we will be right or wrong, but we will decide.”


When asked which parties they have to reformulate the Budgets of the Generalitat and adapt them to the coronavirus crisis, he said that they hope to find support in the CUP and in the PSC, which he hopes will set aside “their electoral interests, which are detrimental to the citizens”.

“The leaders of the PSC have clearly demonstrated that they do not care about the citizens, only the confrontation and frontism as opposition,” he criticized.

Asked if he sees it feasible not to apply cuts to get out of this crisis, he replied that the Generalitat will have sufficient resources “if the State Government fulfills its commitment to provide extraordinary funds to increase spending and decrease revenue.”

In economic terms, he has defended giving direct aid to citizens – with the support of the European Central Bank, he has said – and reforming fiscal policy so that “whoever earns more, inherits more and pollutes more, pays more.”

And in Europe – he warned – “the north must understand that without an internal market like the European it will be difficult to defend its model of advanced social democracy”.


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