June closes with the creation of 233,000 jobs and a new historic drop in unemployment by 167,000 people

A lot of job creation and a big drop in unemployment in June. The labor market indicators published this Friday indicate a strong recovery in employment last month, as advanced by several members of the Government. Social Security returned to 19.5 million workers after an increase in enrollment by 233,056 people on average compared to May. For its part, unemployment once again registered a historical monthly drop, after the one reached in May. The number of people signed up to SEPE offices fell by 166,911 people, leaving the total unemployed at 3,614,339.

The month of June is a good time for the job market in general, thanks to the momentum of the summer season. But this year we still have the challenge of living with the coronavirus pandemic and its limitations, as well as recovering the jobs lost due to the crisis unleashed after the emergence of COVID.

The data for this June, in which vaccination is progressing rapidly, are especially positive. The increase in employment in 233,056 affiliates on average supposes a growth of workers of 1.21%, “a growth above other months of June prior to the pandemic, since the variation with respect to May had been kept below 0, 5% “, highlights the Social Security.

The same thing happens with unemployment, the drop in unemployment of some 167,000 people in June is above the usual. In fact, it represents “the largest drop in any month since there is registration,” underlines the Ministry of Labor. However, the number of unemployed people (3.6 million) is still much higher than that registered before the contagion broke out in Spain (3.2 million in February 2020).

By sectors, among those with the most employed persons, the hospitality industry stands out particularly, which registered an increase in employment of 11.6%. “Agriculture, Livestock, Hunting, Forestry and Fishing (3.87%) and Artistic, Recreational and Entertainment Activities (2.62%) also rise above the average,” says Social Security.

On the other hand, education destroyed employment in June, as usual with the end of the school year, with 34,466 fewer affiliates (-3.34%) and the financial sector, with 197 fewer affiliated people (-0.06%).

447,800 people in ERTE

On the other hand, Social Security registered 447,800 people protected by the Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE) as of June 30, according to provisional data. The figure is about 100,000 less than in May, a drop slightly higher than last month.

“The number of workers in ERTE associated with COVID 19 is thus at the lowest level since the beginning of the pandemic”, highlights the Social Security.

Of the 447,800 people in ERTE at the end of the month, 138,175 were suspended part-time. That is, they work part of their day. As for the contribution aid, about 70% (307,262) of the people in ERTE “were in some of the modalities that entail exemptions to Social Security,” explains Social Security.

The number of workers in ERTE represents 3.02% of the total affiliates of the General Regime, without special systems. There is a large sectoral concentration of where these affected workers are. Two activities, Food and Beverage Services (with 114,174 workers in ERTE) and Accommodation Services (78,789) concentrate “43.1% of workers in this situation,” explains Social Security.

If we look at the incidence of ERTE within each sector, the Travel Agencies and Tour Operators sector continues with a very important part of its employees under this protection instrument, “although already below 50% (47.99%) “, points out the Social Security. It is followed by the Air Transport sector, with 34.57% of its affiliates in ERTE and Accommodation Services (25.83%).


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