Julius Kiprono: "To run every year the marathon here" – The Province

Julius Kiprono: "To run every year the marathon here" - The Province

Julius Kiprono not only achieved the record of the race reigns in the Cajasiete Gran Canaria Maratn, but also achieved his personal best in the 42 km race.

Record and personal best, how do you feel after the second place last year?

The last time I did 2.15 and it's amazing that I managed to get down until 2.12: 03. It's my personal best time after many races. I still do not believe it. I did not expect to break my record this way.

What do you think has been the key to lowering those three minutes?

The truth is that the weather conditions have been very favorable for me. I'm used to running in much hotter conditions and with similar humidity. But today conditions have been optimal for logs to be lowered. Also this year there has been no wind in the area of ​​the highway, which has helped runners to arrive in better conditions to the final kilometers.

Did the circuit also favor the runners?

It was a very competitive tour. Very few turns, with which the body suffers less. But the important thing to get a good record in the marathon of Gran Canaria is that the wind does not blow strongly, because in the sea area that hurts the runner a lot. Today, as I said, the weather was perfect for the runners.

And the rivals?

There were runners with a lot of experience and with very good times. I myself did not expect to get such a good time. There were phases of the race in which I had to endure and wait to change the pace. Fortunately, I chose the right moment and now I can celebrate the victory.

Does he look pretty good after running the 42 kilometers?

Thank you [se ríe]. The truth is that I did not expect to make such a good career. There are many years of training and mentalization to take the body to the limit. But the truth is that I feel very good after the race, it may be that getting the record helps.

How does it feel to get your best mark?

I feel tremendously happy. Now it makes me think that I have to get down from 2 hours and 12 minutes. I hope I can do it next year here. Because once this time is achieved my goal is to lower those few seconds to run below 2.12. But getting this time and winning the race has been very special for me.

How do you get that?

Simply training. For that there is no secret. Effort and sacrifice always brings reward. I worked hard for this race and I managed to lose my best mark in three minutes.

Will it return next year?

If you invite me, I will come safe. I will run the marathon here every year. The race in Gran Canaria already has a special meaning for me. The people have been magnificent, they have supported the runners at all times and that is appreciated. When I took the final straight, the applause of the people helped me cross the finish line without thinking about the fatigue I was wearing. I would run the Gran Canaria Marathon every year for all that it has given me.


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