Julin Requena of the 'Island of Temptations', the miracle child who was saved from a terrible death - La Provincia

"Julian Requena, a 13-month-old baby will get older and can tell. He will explain that his mother threw him into a vacuum from a sixth floor in an attack of hysteria. And he will add that he owes life to a cluster of coincidences and to the intervention of a man,Angel Benito, who was walking on the street ", thus began a news ofThe Country, November 8, 1994.

That little boy, is todayJulián Requena Pérez with a sculptural body worked in the gym, one of the protagonists of the Island of Temptations. Its history today, takes center stage without wanting it.

It was a Sunday morning, minutes before nine in the morning. "I heard a loud blow and a woe! I opened my arms and fell on him. He was as if dead, without blood, and he was not breathing. I patted him on the face, and he began to cry," Angel Benito explained at that moment. What looked like a fortuitous fall starring Julian's brother was in the background after the testimony of a witness and finally his mother confessed.

The 26-year-old mother at that time was arrested as an alleged author who alleged that the constant crying brought him to the situation ... The judge ordered his mother's imprisonment,Antonia Pérez.

Julian was immediately transferred to the hospital of La Fe, who was admitted for four days.

Julian, 27 years later, has a five-year-old son who bears his name to the one he loves and for whom he goes out in comments and in his photos of his instagram profile: "Thank you Julian, thanks for making me so and so and so happy THANK YOU, I promise to take care of you, love you and give you everything I can and what I can't "

Today, he is one of the most desired suitors by single women, who is playing a more discreet role, seeing what is within the program of thetemptations in which the first infidelities have already emerged.

Will you talk about your tragic event on the Island of Temptation?


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