August 1, 2021

Julianne Moore, opera and kidnappings in 'Bel canto' | Culture

Julianne Moore, opera and kidnappings in 'Bel canto' | Culture

Ken Watanabe and Julianne Moore, in 'Ben Canto'.

Roxane Coss, played by Julianne Moore, a famous American soprano, travels to South America to sing on the birthday of a Japanese businessman – played by Ken Watanabe – a fan of the opera and the voice of Coss. Many political leaders, including members of the country's government, have also been invited to the party, and a guerrilla group enters the force-headed by the character brought to life by Tenoch Huerta-and kidnaps all those in attendance. It begins so Bel singing, by Paul Weitz, an irregular director who with his brother Chris directed American Pie, A big boy, and solo chapters of Mozart in the Jungle, Grandma or Now the parents are them. The film is based on the novel by Ann Patchett, and is based on a kidnapping that took place in Peru in 1996. Bel canto It opens in Spain on March 22 and here we advance its trailer.


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