April 18, 2021

Julián López stars in the comedy premiere film "Perdiendo el este"

Julián López stars in the comedy premiere film "Perdiendo el este"

The trip of the guys from "Perdiendo el norte" to the cold Germany (2015) ended with 10 million euros raised at the box office, auguring and a continuation of these jocular-labor adventures of today's young people, well prepared but not always successful in Spain. Nor was it, of course. That's where the comedy lies. In "Perdiendo el este", continued by Paco Caballero (the first film was directed by Nacho G. Velilla), the weight of the story falls on Braulio, who in "Perdiendo el norte" was the protagonist's best friend.

Now, Braulio, a young scientist who beats himself worse than good for a job of his in China and is about to be deported, will try by all means to prolong his residence before returning, like a failure, to Spain. Julián López goes on to star in the film, which entails greater doses of humor than the previous film. "Probably," Losing the East "is more unhinged by my comical status, that Yon González did not have in the previous one. I do not agree that he is not funny, but it is true that he imposed those scenes. "

In this new adventure, Lopez adds, "there are three very different elements that make a brutal cocktail: the clash between China and Spain is more powerful; then there is the presence of the San Fermines (the story derives in a visit to the famous Pamplon festivity); and the soundtrack. " In this last area, It is worth highlighting a role (we will not say how essential) of the music of Sergio Dalma and his well-known "Bailar glued". "All this makes it a crazy comedy," says the "chanante", and a consolidated face of Spanish cinema.

Good part of the humor of the film is based on the cultural and linguistic shock. Braulio's problems with the language are fundamental and have forced Lopez to learn a bit of Chinese and then "pretend I'm still worse". "It is normal that the clash with China is funny, because it is a culture far removed from us. It's like making jokes about aliens. "

The team of "Losing the East" moved a whole week of shooting to Hong Kong for outdoor scenes, a task that, the interpreter confesses, was not simple: "It's a huge city, with a lot of noise and where the permits are not They are easy to obtain, but it is clear that filming in Hong Kong dresses the film very much. "


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