Julián Contreras: “When I saw Rocío Carrasco tell her story, I saw my mother in her”

An image of Julián Contreras.

An image of Julián Contreras.

The issuance of the docuserie ‘Rocío. Tell the truth to stay alive ‘ continues to generate reactions among celebrities in our country. This time it was Julián Contreras Junior who wanted to give his opinion on ‘Saturday Deluxe’, where he compared his mother with Rocío Carrasco.

Carmina Ordoñez was a pioneer in telling publicly that her partner, Ernesto Neyra, abused her. Even so, the judge did not see enough evidence and did not agree with him, which made his testimony questioned, in addition to generating a great media scandal. It was justified by claiming that her profile did not correspond to that of an abused woman.

Julián started the interview already excited: “I remember the day my mother arrived and sat on the floor, leaned against the backrest and told me that she was going to tell me something. She told me that the judge had told her that they could not mistreat her because she was her. It was written on a piece of paper that did not correspond to the socioeconomic profile of an abused woman ”.

“I lived very rugged things, I was an eyewitness and that is why I am very sorry for what she experienced”

Contreras wanted to defend his mother, ensuring that she she was “an annulled woman who had no capacity for reaction.” He also wanted to tell about the way in which he lived those events: “I experienced very rugged things, I was an eyewitness and that is why I am very sorry for what she experienced. Those who think that my mother saw in that an opportunity to attract attention, know that she never needed to do that. ”

After this, he wanted to launch a reflection: “A judge ruled that my mother did not have the profile of a battered woman. I keep looking for a logical answer […] and time passes and I don’t understand it. “To this, María Patiño acknowledged” how unfair we have been with her. “And she also wanted to apologize to him:” Personally, I want to apologize to you and your family. Although there is still a long way to go, we have made progress. ”


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