March 8, 2021

Julia Roberts and Sean Penn to star in Watergate series

Julia Roberts and Sean Penn.

Julia Roberts and Sean Penn.

Julia Roberts Y Sean Penn will star ‘Gaslit’, series based on the podcast ‘Slow Burn’, about the Watergate case. The series can be seen on Starzplay. It will be the return of the actress of ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘Erin Brockovich’ to television after having starred in the first season of ‘Homecoming’ of Netflix.

‘Gaslit’ will narrate one of the unknown stories of the Watergate case, by focusing on characters that were left in the background in the history books. The fiction will focus on Martha Mitchell, wife of Nixon Attorney General John Mitchell, who was instrumental in revealing the President’s involvement in the Watergate scandal.

Roberts will play Mitchell, a woman of great personality, who was quite a celebrity, as well as a member of the high society of Arkansas. Despite her affiliation with the Republican party, she was the first to want to expose the former president’s illegal practices. Penn will be her husband, a man loyal to Nixon who will be seen in a labor, political and personal crossroads.

Initially, Joel Edgerton was going to star in and direct the project, but he is no longer related to the miniseries, as well as his brother Nash. Armie Hammer, who was to play an attorney in the case, also left the production.

Matt Ross, Director of ’28 Hotel Rooms’ and ‘Captain Fantastic’, He will direct the miniseries, in addition to being an executive producer. Robbie Pickering (‘Mr. Robot,’ Search Party ‘) will be the showrunner.


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