June 24, 2021

Julen rescue, these are the eight miners

Julen rescue, these are the eight miners

The agonizing rescue of Julen seems to be reaching its final journey. After building a parallel 70 meter well, it is the turn of the Mining Rescue Brigade of Asturias: the eight miners will carry out the most difficult and demanding part of the extraction, which forces the last section to be excavated by hand. boy. Who are the eight professionals who will take the child from where he is?

Sergio Tuñón He is the chief engineer of the operation. He is the one who orchestrated the operation and directs the brigade since 2012. Despite his short career, he already outlined the rescue plan for the miner who died in Degaña in 2015 and the one for the spepelologist in Vizcaya in 2017. His second, the technical engineer , is Antonio Ortega, one of the most inexperienced (he joined only a year ago), and is the son of an actuary of the General Directorate of Mines.

The remaining six are listed as specialists; Lázaro Alves Gutiérrez he owes a debt to the mining sector, since his father, Eduardo Augusto Alves, died in the Nicolasa accident in 1995; Maudilio Suárez he has been with the Brigade for ten years, and among his operations is the Basque speleologist José Gambino, who was trapped in the Arañaga torca in June 2017; Jesús Fernández Prado he is also one of the most veteran, since he has more than ten years of experience and is the son-in-law of the SOMA leader Armando Fernández Natal, better known as "Mandi"; José Antonio HuertaHowever, it is one of the latest additions: until 2009 he worked for the company Coto Minero Jove, to later become part of the Brigade; Y Rubén García Ares and Adrián Villaroel They complete the quota, being, also, of the youngest of all.

Adding the experience of all reach the century. The Brigade arrived in Malaga on January 15 through a military plane facilitated by the Ministry of Defense, only two days after Julen fell into the well.


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