Julen rescue: The enigma of the stopper

Julen rescue: The enigma of the stopper

The plug that kept the small Julen underground has been key in the rescue, but also the greatest enigma. The delegate of the Government in Andalusia has explained that there are "various theories" regarding the "cap" found in the well, but that there is still no certainty.

The hard ground plug found 71 meters deep, together with the landslides and the hardness of the land that forced to discard the construction of a first horizontal tunnel, and the difficulties to build and pipe another vertical and, from this, the horizontal gallery that has linked to the well where Julen was, they have not served in undermine the spirits of the intervening teams.

In the first place, this plug was the biggest impediment for which the operative, made up of 300 people, had to work day and night for almost two weeks. The existence of this plug, according to members of the rescue team, is difficult to explain: "It is not reasonable that the kid when he falls, probably hitting the walls, cause detachments inside the cavity as to generate so much material that then it is placed on itself and it seals the hole completely, in such a strong way ", they assure.

In this stopper was a large amount of earth and too compact. In addition, it was composed of several materials and with a large volume. But knowing where these materials come from will be important to tie the last out and It could be the piece of the puzzle that would clarify how and why everything happened in this traumatic way.

Everything starts in that well I did not have permits, but the owner responsible for the well drilling Where he fell, he said he covered the hole with a stone and sand. Today is day 1 post-Julen, but the Civil Guard will continue investigating what happened.


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