June 23, 2021

Julen rescue: extreme situation

Julen rescue: extreme situation

Has the operation been well designed?

Yes, given the circumstances, the haste, the urgency of the situation and that civil works machinery has been used. Everyone has contributed so that the plan has been developed as planned.

In other circumstances, would a different machinery have been proposed?

In Totalán it has been necessary to employ civilian machinery, which operates in what is called dry work. It would have been better to work with specialized mining machinery that operates with another methodology, which would have been faster and more effective, but endangered the possibilities of saving the child. But, due to the circumstances and to work more quickly and to preserve Julen, it had to be decided like that.

Why has the progress been so slow?

Because they have worked in an extreme situation. They already knew in advance what they were going to find and that's why they were prepared for any contingency. Barely half a meter after starting digging, they found a very hard rock that prevented the hammer from being used. That's why they resorted to controlled microvoladuras to open roads in the rock and be able to chop safely. Up to four of these operations have been carried out. In any case, the rescue team gave an estimate of 24 hours since they began their work in the tunnel and the deadlines have not been met because of the terrain.

What if they can not find Julen at the height of the tunnel? Which are the steps to follow?

Until we know the results of the excavation can not rethink the plan.


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