July 30, 2021

Julen Lopetegui, the future is in the air

Julen Lopetegui, the future is in the air

Madrid plays against Levante at the Bernabéu on Saturday, October 20th. The question that has not yet been resolved is whether Julen Lopetegui will be the coach that day. In Madrid they have lost almost all the confidence that had been placed on him this summer because they have seen that he has no solutions for the team's game, some of his decisions are erratic and that the physical background of the players is much lower than expected. The future of the white coach is very complicated, although not impossible. During the Sunday, with the head increasingly cold, the future of Lopetegui was complicated, without the decision is still taken because what will be done (to follow or not follow) you want to think very calmly, evaluating what is best for the team and for the rest of the season.

That there are two weeks without soccer gives time to think well what to do, but also so that a new coach can work with the team, although many players are with their selections. If you bet on the continuity of the coach, it is expected that in these fifteen days you can change the character of the group and make it competitive.

In favor of Lopetegui is that in the League everything is within reach because nobody has been able to take advantage of white errors. The Barcelona is not very fine and the setbacks of the two great serve so that the crisis does not sound so much. With the leading Sevilla and with Barcelona tied at Mestalla, the three games without winning and without scoring in the league of the team that for now trains Lopetegui hurt less that if the Barça team had started like a year ago. If Julen is saved and manages to extend his stay at the Bernabéu, it is because, by comparison, his results do not seem so catastrophic.

Against the coach is that the game of Madrid has become a caricature of football position. Having the ball in percentages much higher than his rival is useless because he neither creates danger nor manages to keep his goal safe. The alarming low form of many of the main players is worrying, the injuries and the lack of answers when the situation has become complicated.

Lopetegui's challenge when he arrived at Madrid was very complicated because he was with a team that had won three consecutive European Cups and was losing his top scorer, but he was expected to know how to give the group the competitive spirit for the regularity competition. . In the club there is a suspicion that he will not be able to do it, apparently until now and that maybe the best thing is to make a painful decision. The future is uncertain.


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