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Judit Neddermann: serenity, courage, empowerment

Judit Neddermann: serenidad, valentía, empoderamiento

Judit Neddermann he tastes with a complacent smile the good professional moment he is going through. With his third album, Nua (Satelite K, 2018), the artist from Vilassar de Mar decided to do an introspective exercise to create an intimate and personal album with which some of the emotions that up to now she kept for her away from the stage came out.

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The bet is being a success for the critics and the public, and the artist has seen her projection lengthen even more in recent months thanks to her participation in the gala of the Goya- singing along with Rozalén Y Amaia Romero- and more recently for his collaboration on the new album by Alejandro Sanz.

A point of inflection that she recognizes in a meeting with The vanguard: "I have accepted that this is my job. I notice that I feel less fear and I look more serene, brave and empowered. Now I really enjoy this place I've come to after so many years. " It's been eleven years since he entered his first professional group (The Gramophone Allstars) and six since he battles with his own songs. "The introspection that I've done with my last album gives me a sense of mind-blowing freedom. Now I go out on stage knowing what I'm bringing and I do not worry about the supplies that my music would have ", the interpreter is sincere.

More confidence

Now I go on stage knowing what I'm contributing and I do not worry about the supplies my music would have "

Neddermann recognizes that recording for Alejandro Sanz It has given him a lot of coverage. A Catalan friend of the singer told her about it and the Madrilenian discovered it and did not think about it when it came to offering her a collaboration for her album. The result is the theme This second where, in addition, the artist sings in Catalan: "Alejandro and I did not have to talk much, we understood each other from the first moment". ensures the singer. Was it him who encouraged him to do it in Catalan? "Yes. If he asked me in Japanese, I would have learned to do it anyway, "jokes the 28-year-old artist.

The singer is proud of the song she has recorded with someone she admires. "It's a topic that talks about connecting, being with someone and knowing how to share, beyond those things that unite you or not with others." And one more reflection that should not be overlooked: "It is an important song for the moment in which we live where bridges are needed. Or rather, the bridges are, but it seems that we do not want to see them. "

Sing in Spanish

The only thing that worries me about a language is that I can emotionally connect with what I sing "

The artist has never hidden at the time of condemning what for her are social injustices "de cajón", like police repression, including the chapter lived in Catalonia on 1-O in the song No volem més cops. A position that, he says, has not closed doors: "I always say what I think and wherever I have a space," says Neddermann, who reveals that "I would never make a song in favor of independence because as an artist I do not have to position, it's a personal choice. "

The singer, portrayed in a street in Barcelona

The singer, portrayed in a street in Barcelona
(Àlex Garcia)

Judit Neddermann does not rule out that this visibility that has been detached from the Goya and his collaboration with Sanz will lead him to think of a future album with more presence of Castilian: "The only thing that worries me about a language is that I can emotionally connect with what I sing" . It is like that in Catalan, Spanish and Portuguese. "Why not try to sing in Spanish to reach more audiences without losing my essence?" He reflects. What if the interpreter advances us is that she is preparing an album of Christmas carols - some of her own - for next Christmas with her sister Meritxell.

The interpreter closes this Sunday the Barnasants festival with the last concert of her album Nua in the city of Barcelona, ​​in a show with almost twenty subjects and in which she will have the collaborations of her sister Meritxell Neddermann, Pau Lobo, the Senegalese percussionist Oumar Ngom and the gospel coral Soul Choir Barcelona.

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