July 11, 2020

Judicial Secretaries warn that the security measures of Justice do not work without protection kits

This was stated by the spokeswoman for the Progressive Union of Judicial Secretaries (UPSJ), Lidia Urrea, in statements to Europa Press, in which she regrets that after “10 days” the officials who are on duty and performing essential services continue to work ” without protective equipment. “

“We know that there is a shortage,” said Urrea, while noting that the distribution of the protection kits will take time. The association believes that these teams with material are “centralized” at the headquarters of the Ministry, in Madrid, and must proceed to distribute them throughout Spain.


Since last Friday, the Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, has in his hand the management of the material and the personnel of the Administration of Justice, in order to coordinate his professional activity and guarantee the provision of essential services during the state of alarm. decreed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Thus, by order of the Ministry of Health – delegated authority for the management of the health crisis – assumed all powers over officials in this area, including those held by communities with transferred powers, which will be returned to them once the alarm status.

Within the framework of these functions, the Minister of Justice issued a resolution on Monday, in coordination with the territorial administrations, in which he advises, among other practices, the use of masks for detainees with respiratory conditions and the use of screens, gels and self-protection material to prevent contagion to officials. It also indicates that access to the judicial headquarters will not be allowed unless there is a corresponding justification and that the number of people accessing and the exposure time will be limited to a minimum.

According to the UPSJ spokeswoman, these measures “do not solve anything because there are no protective equipment.” “It does not matter what limits are set” because workers “are exposed,” he stressed.


There have already been known cases of officials from Valencia or Córdoba who have tested positive for coronavirus and who have even had to be admitted to the hospital, such as a judicial secretary in Barcelona, ​​whose case has been known this Tuesday.

For this reason, Lidia Urrea has demanded that “there be a minimum number of personnel in all courts”, much less than the minimum services established by Justice, which, in her opinion, are “excessive”. As he explained, many officials who go to work every day are stationed in “jurisdictions with almost no essential services” to cover.

Thus, he has asked that only those who are on duty go to the courts, because the less personnel there are “the easier it will be to provide protection.” In this sense, the UPSJ spokesperson has insisted that teleworking be allowed and with full availability, as it is a mechanism that allows to control the writings and matters that enter the courts and “coordinate” all the workers.

In this way, you would only go to court to process the file or hold the hearing of what really is an essential service, as marked by the General Council of the Judiciary, has apostilled.

“What difference can be seen between the minimum services that the Ministry of Justice has set in the middle of the 21st century from those that it would have set in a similar situation thirty years ago without the telematic means that it has made available to us?” Asks the UPSJ in a statement issued this Tuesday.

With all this, the critical association that it is not time to keep the courts open to “set an example”, but to protect both professionals and citizens: “Health is constantly and continuously put at risk, not only of those who come to carry out their professional functions if not the health of the citizens who are treated in such a situation, “the statement concludes.


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