Judgments | Television | THE COUNTRY

Judgments | Television | THE COUNTRY

The longed-for incendiary Léo Ferré, musician with immovable seat on Olympus, minstrel of denial, thanked the devil in his song among other things Thank You Satan the solitude of the kings, the taking of the Bastille although it did not serve at all, the boredom that invades the beds where he is not, his honor never to appear on television. And the fallen angel has always distinguished himself by his lucidity.

Like the devil, the opinion or the presence of people who do not vote or do not always appear blank (we are 30%, respectable amount), Bartleby of existence, genetics or rationally skeptical, irresponsible civic, the lazy, those who have no religion, no club, no shared ideology, no party, no gods, no abstract thing to adore.

For three months the frequently hepatic spectacle that tries to create the TV is going to overturn in a historical judgment and in elections of all type. Fuck, what boredom, what dizziness, what a rattle. The only trials that fascinate me have been offered to me by the cinema, those of Kill a Mockingbird, Anatomy of a murder, Final verdict, Twelve men without mercy, Witness charge, and so. And what has really worried me in criminal matters are the quarrels that abject people put me (all won) or the trial that I faced for many years with a criminal journalism company. And it is, There is also that among the epic truth-sniffers.

And although the independence movement (oh, the involuntary curil and monjil aroma that most of their bosses give off) provokes both exhaustion and grimace, like nationalisms, I do not want these people to rot in the train, it seems an outrage. As for those who demand preventive and then eternal condemnation I also recognize them since I was a child. Some will even feel justified longing for the walks at dawn.


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