Judgment of the Constitutional Court | Farewell for missing work with medical leave - La Provincia

TheAttentive companyhas formalized the first dismissal in Lleida for justified intermittent casualties after being made public at the end of October theConstitutional Court rulingwhich guarantees the termination of an employment contract for objective reasons if there are justified absences even if they are intermittent.

This was denounced in a statement by the unionUGT, according to which Atento has dismissed the president of the company committee of its center in Lleida and representative of theUGT of Catalonia"using article 52 of thestatus of workersthat justifies the objective dismissal of a worker who lacks 20% or more working days in his workplace justifiably for two months. "

Helabor unionrecalls that the October 16 ruling of the Constitutional Court has dismissed the question of unconstitutionality brought against a section of article 52.

"We consider that thisjudgmentsupports the dismissal for repeatedly missing the job, even if there is a justified cause, and that is inadmissible for the constitutional rights of workers, "says UGT.

The union notes thatAttentive LleidaIt uses "this unacceptable cause of dismissal to dispense with a representative of the workers who for months denounces the drift of the labor rights that the more than 200 workers and workers of the center of Lleida are suffering," the statement said.

The Deputy Secretary General and Sector Coordinator of theUGT-FeSMCof les Terres de Lleida, Margarita Pascual, explained on Thursday that the staff of Atento will focus on Friday at the door of the Lleida work center to protest against the dismissal of the worker.


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