Judge postpones hearing in case it involves former president Correa

Judge postpones hearing in case it involves former president Correa

Judge of the National Court of Justice, Daniella Camacho, postponed the hearing today to see if Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa and three others accused of illicit association and kidnapping of activist Fernando Balda are called to trial.

The hearing was postponed from October 23 to November 7, informed judicial and private prosecution sources.

In the postponed diligence, it is expected that the judge will also pronounce on the situation of the former Secretary of Intelligence, Pablo Romero; and of the exagentes Raúl Chicaiza and Diana Falcón, the other three processed for the kidnapping in 2012 in Colombia of Balda.

Falcón and Chicaiza, who participated in the kidnapping, have embraced the regime of effective collaboration, while Correa and Romero are abroad, the first in Belgium – where he has resided since he left office in May 2017 – and the second in Spain.

Both witnesses claim that the orders came directly from the presidency, an argument that Correa rejects outright.

The exmandatario, on whom weighs an Ecuadorian request of Interpol's arrest for breach of precautionary measures, did not take in reacting by social networks to the announcement of the judge.

"Judge Camacho has just delayed the appeal for trial from October 23 to November 7. As a result, I will give the Saturday on October 27. I will be able to prepare it better, and probably do it with the public, it is more emotional," he said. about his morning political speeches on Saturdays.

Correa denounces being the target of political persecution and accuses the judicial branch of his country of lack of independence.


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