July 24, 2021

Judge Andreu upholds the secrecy of ECB documents on the Popular

Judge Andreu upholds the secrecy of ECB documents on the Popular



The holder of the central court of instruction n 4, Fernando Andreu, has decided to lift the secret that weighed on the documents sent by the European Central Bank (ECB) on the bankruptcy of Banco Popular, considering that they contribute «useful information for the purpose of the expertise»

In a car dated yesterday, October 2, Andreu points out that it is not possible to "expunge any of the documents provided by said body", which are thus made available to the parties.

In February of this year, the judge requested various information related to the management of the Popular to several organisms, among them the Bank of Spain and the ECB, who required all the documentation collected in the last two years in which he assumed his supervisory duties.

Then, he stressed the need to know the first expert opinion of the experts appointed to the case, before agreeing the statements of all those investigated.

Subsequently, in July, it decided to open a secret piece about the causes of the bank's downfall, including the decision to declare the bank "close to bankruptcy", inspection reports and conclusions and its follow-up since 2012, as well as requirements or recommendations on the recording of deterioration of the credit investment, all written with reserved information in accordance with the community regulations.

In October 2017, Judge Andreu admitted to process the first complaints against the ex-presidents of the bank Ángel Ron and Emilio Saracho, their respective Boards of Directors and the PwC firm, which audited their accounts for more than three decades, for alleged crimes of falsehood corporate, unfair administration and misappropriation, among others.

Agreed then the division into two separate pieces, the first for the 2016 capital increase and the second for a possible manipulation of the market by publishing news with allegedly false data to make the value of the shares fall and obtain benefits.


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