Judge Alaya refuses to suspend the mining activity of Aznalcóllar

The judge of the Audience of Seville Mercedes Alaya has issued a car in which she rejects the request of the company Emerita Resources and Ecologists in Action to suspend the mining activity in Aznalcóllar (seville), judicial sources have informed Efe.

The company and the environmental association called for the cessation of the mining activity in the Seville facility in a resource that they presented before the Audience of Seville.

Judge Alaya was appointed rapporteur for the mining resource on February 3 and issued her resolution three days later, the sources have stressed.

"In relation to the specific measure requested, there would be a lack of compliance with a third requirement, as important as the others, which is the requirement of proportionality, which is defined as the measure of fairness and balance," explains the magistrate, who before to access the Hearing began the instruction of the ERE case.

"Therefore, without prejudice to the precautionary measure that could be assessed by the Instructor before this authorization of express or implicit exploitation was granted (due to the socio-labor repercussions that the beginning of the same would bring) or at the time she deems appropriate, the resolution to dismiss the requested precautionary measure is confirmed by our own fundamentals, the appeal filed must be declined, "the judge concludes.


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