September 20, 2020

Juany Jorge wins the absolute regional title – La Provincia

Juan Manuel, Juany, Jorge, with the Seat León Supercopa, it was proclaimed Canarian speed champion after the celebration of third and last meeting of the season, which took place yesterday at the Maspalomas Circuit. Of the three races played on the southern track, the winner appropriated the victory in two of them, the other corresponding to José Manuel Cabral (EVO-VI).

José María Ponce Junior, who debuted with his father's Seat 600 JTR, surprised with his adaptation to the peculiar mount; He climbed to the podium in the absolute section and won the Extreme category. Jorge Luis Ramos, which resumed the activity with its Radical SR3, finished with two third places and an abandonment due to a broken bearing.

By categories, yesterday, Agustin Rodriguez prevailed in CS; in CSS, Juan Manuel Jorge won ahead of José Manuel Cabral and Pepe Juan Torres. For its part, in CSS2, the victory corresponded to Francisco Martin; Manuel Acosta followed, the latter with only one run after the gearbox broke down. In Extreme, the podium was composed by José María Ponce junior, Gregorio Fontanilla and Jorge Luis Ramos, who counted an abandonment due to breakdown in the last manga.

Thes new champions of the Canary Islands, by championships and categories, are the following: Juany Jorge in Extreme -subcampeón Juan César Mendoza-; Agustín Rodríguez in Sport -Second young debutant Jason Viera-; Juan Manuel Cabral in Supersport -subcampeón Juany Jorge-; Y Manuel Acosta in Supersport II -Second Reinaldo Fernández-.

In the first of the sleeves played yesterday at the Maspalomas Circuit, Juany Jorge won the Seat León (Supersport category), after overtaking José Manuel Cabral, with the Mitsubishi, in the fourth round of the eight totals. The second place fell to Jorge Luis Ramos on his return to the circuit with the Radical SR3, which also overtook Cabral and tried with Juany, but the pressure was not enough.

For Ramos it was the victory in the Extreme category and the fastest lap with a time of 1.05.974, seven tenths better than the winner of the test. Subsequently, after reviewing the images of the exit, Ramos was penalized for advancing; He moved to third place and Cabral to second.

Agustín Rodríguez would be the best in Sport category and Manuel Acosta won in Supersport II, despite breaking the gearbox of his Toyota and having to leave after passing the checkered flag.

David Barrera, in the Pro category, and Eugenio Tello, in Semipro, were proclaimed yesterday absolute champions of the Canary Islands of drift. The day began with the qualifying sleeve to form the pairings of the first of the battles.

In Semipro, Ismael Díaz (BMW Touring) and Eugenio Tello (Audi A4) went on to the final battle with the title in play by being tied to points. Rally driver Rubén Curbelo, with the Nissan 180, would go into the fight for third place alongside Antonio Pozón (BMW E36).

In Pro, David Barrera, with the title almost assured, returned to get into the final with the BMW E30 Turbo, like Ayoze Martín with the Nissan 200.

In the last battle, the surprise jumped with the withdrawal of Barrera by breakdown. The final was then held by the Nissan 200 of Ayoze Martín. David's misfortune did not prevent him from celebrating the regional entochado, since the second place was more than enough to be the Canary Islands first drift champion in the Pro category.

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