June 17, 2021

Juanma Moreno positions himself “always” next to the Jiménez Becerril couple and appeals to “memory, justice and dignity”

“It hurts us that the approach of prisoners can be used as a currency. ETA murdered, destroyed lives and entire families. I will always be next to Alberto and Ascen, their family and all the victims. We appeal to memory, justice and dignity, “Moreno said in a message, consulted by Europa Press, published on his Twitter account.

The decision has motivated the Association of Victims of Terrorism (AVT) to request an urgent meeting with the head of the portfolio, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, in the face of the “helplessness” caused by 43 ETA members being transferred (more than 20 per hundred of those who remain in prison) since June 2018, with Pedro Sánchez as Prime Minister. In addition to Barrios, this Friday the transfer of Soria to San Sebastián from Etarra Igor González Sola has also been approved.

In a statement, the AVT has denounced that José Luis Barrios, with blood crimes for the murders of the Jiménez Becerril marriage and the Domingo Puente military man, the principle of flexibility of article 100.2 of the Penitentiary Regulation is applied, although maintaining its classification in first degree or closed regime, the hardest.


The decision has been adopted at the proposal of the Albolote prison (Granada) treatment board “with the aim of its progressive adaptation to the ordinary regime and its transfer to the Zuera (Zaragoza) prison.” “As can be seen,” the AVT has complained, “José Luis Barrios continues in the first degree, but applying Article 100.2, prison law is once again used to render criminal sentences void.”

Shortly after the AVT statement, Penitentiary Institutions has reported this transfer and also that of Igor González Sola. From José Luis Barrios Martín, the Interior agency has highlighted that he entered prison on March 25, 1998 and is serving a 30-year sentence for murder, murder and attacks. According to Prisons, he will serve three-quarters of the sentence next September and “has accepted prison law.”

De Igor González Sola has also indicated that he has accepted prison law and that the Soria treatment board has proposed maintenance in the second degree, with transfer to the San Sebastián prison “for reasons covered by the Data Protection Law”. This ETA member entered prison on March 30, 2005 and has a 20-year sentence for collaboration with the armed gang, arms depot and forgery. He served three-quarters of the sentence in March 2020.


The AVT, which absent itself from the recent tribute to the victims of terrorism in Congress for their dissatisfaction with the approaches of ETAs with blood crimes and the agreements with EH Bildu, has lamented that “every Friday they wake up with the fear of not knowing what new movement in prison policy has the government prepared “.

The association recalled that there are already 43 ETA prisoners who have been approached in prisons near the Basque Country since June 2018, with the Government of Pedro Sánchez and Fernando Grande-Marlaska in the Ministry of the Interior. The latter has recently defended his prison policy at parliamentary headquarters, asking the opposition not to politicize this issue because, according to him, there were no complaints from victims of terrorism.

The AVT has justified their meeting with Grande-Marlaska for their “deep disappointment, concern and feeling of helplessness”, as well as because the decisions being taken understand that “it differs greatly” from what the minister himself assured them in the meetings held upon arrival to office. The association censors that there are benefits for ETAs with blood crimes and that collaboration with the Justice is not required in the resolution of pending cases as a previous step to assess the possibility of social reintegration.


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