Juanjo Oliva's interchangeable garments to enrich the feminine wardrobe

Madrid, Apr 13 (EFE) .- The designer Juanjo Oliva today presented a capsule collection with the aim of offering a range of interchangeable garments that "enrich" the female wardrobe, which also includes "prêt-à-" bridal designs. porter ".

The author fashion sector and its creators adapt to the new times in which collections are reduced and seek to be suitable for all seasons ("yesterday it was bright sun and today it rains", points out Oliva), without losing quality and design, and where online sales are here to stay.

Surrounded by the scent of spring, Juanjo Oliva (Madrid, 1971) presented this Tuesday at the Loreto Aycuens Florist, surrounded by intense colors and flowers, an "oasis in the middle of the city", a collection created with tranquility, adapted to the " time in which we live ", but without renouncing the DNA of the brand, the designer told Efe before the show.

Specializing in event fashion, Oliva has not wanted to give up sophistication, but is aware that now the garments require more than one use, even in the case of brides, which he updates with simpler designs, where his refined way of working It is obvious.

In this new collection he has opted to "deconstruct" his taste for refined seam dresses and transfer it to blouses, skirts and trousers that can be interchanged with other garments and whose use is adapted to different times of the day. A range of pieces with which to "enrich the feminine wardrobe".

Green cotton twill coats, pinstripe textiles or yellow linen satins are some of the pieces that it has presented and that arrive made from patterns from collections from other seasons and leftover fabric scraps and even bought from others. designers.

"Fabrics with a great presence and of great quality" that, instead of being discarded, have served to create a collection with sustainable value.

For Oliva, this is not a new speech, a novelty that came with the pandemic. "I have never liked that fashion was associated with buying to buy", one reason why it breaks with the concept of temporality.

The current situation has highlighted a situation in fashion that "had to reflect" on calendars, immediacy or sustainability: "Now customers talk about traceability of garments and want to see themselves represented."

The Madrid designer is proud to be part of the so-called Spanish author fashion. "It is a discourse that makes us strong as a union and that defines our way of working", small collections linked to the client.

A way to strengthen in a sector paralyzed by the crisis.

"Fear immobilizes you and that does not help the business," said Oliva, who has discarded "no" from his vocabulary and advocates letting beauty flood everything.

"I believe that we are in a purer and more honest stage in which we must flee from what has been instituted and be freer to do different things," he said.

A car that you get on when you update your way of approaching the customer through the Es Fascinante digital platform, specialized in multi-brand slow fashion, manufactured in Spain.

"Online sales" is here to stay and I wanted to explore that territory, "he indicated, so some of his garments will be part of it and he will analyze its development and how to approach this business route.

"We must all be participants in this evolution," concluded Oliva, who presented his proposal at the Madrid es Moda event, an initiative led by the Spanish Fashion Creators Association (ACME) under the umbrella of Madrid City Fashion Capital de Madrid that is linked to the closing of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid show week.


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