July 25, 2021

Juana Rivas picks up the sentence that condemns her to five years in prison and asks for justice for her children

Juana Rivas picks up the sentence that condemns her to five years in prison and asks for justice for her children

Juana Rivas has received notification of the sentence that sentenced her to five years in prison for abduction of minors in the Criminal Court 1 of Granada, once she has returned from Italy, after the definitive hearing of the procedure for the custody of her children. children, for those who have asked for justice because they can not have the "learning" that she, after being "beaten", now "over" the "punish" her.

Speaking to journalists at the gates of the courts of the capital of Granada in Caleta, the mother of Maracena has indicated that, although the situation is "very sad", she is "hopeful" that justice be done, for her and her children, and also "for so many Juanas", mothers and children who "are suffering". Until this process of notification has taken place, the deadlines for filing the appeal have not yet begun, which has already been announced by the defense, which finalizes the details to set it up, as Rivas has confirmed.

It must be remembered that neither the Prosecutor's Office nor the private prosecution, exercised by his ex-partner and father of his children, the Italian Francesco Arcuri, already announced that they are not going to request the execution of this sentence, that the sentence also to be deprived of exercising parental authority over the children, of twelve and four years, for a period of six years, in line with what the prosecutor had requested in the case, and to compensate Arcuri with 30,000 euros.

The Criminal Court 1 of Granada condemned Rivas last July as the author of two crimes of child abduction after the previous summer he spent one month missing his two children, not complying with the judicial resolutions that they forced him to deliver the children to the father, with whom they currently live in Italy, and to the one who accuses him of mistreatment; extreme that he has always denied.

Juana Rivas has asked for "support" to "everyone" so that "children will be here soon", and regretted that "it is very sad" to give "so much echo" to his case without the courts "give any solution ", which makes him think that" there is no justice. "

So, and "after a very bad week", no has found justification so that "after" what happened to his ex-partner, they continue to "do harm on a legal level" and have "turned" the situation into "a circus," added Rivas, who has indicated that he is doing a "fight". very worthy "for their children, which are the ones that are receiving the "greatest damage". In this context, "this is going to come out, if it is not here it is somewhere else", he has defended.

The judge admitted, in an ordering procedure signed by the court clerk last September, the request made by the defense of Rivas in a letter stating that his client could not go on September 5 to collect notification of the sentence because he was in Italy, where he has been, since the middle of August, to spend in Sardinia the holidays with his children that the Court of Cagliari granted him and to attend the hearing for the custody of the minors.



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