July 29, 2021

Juana Rivas' eldest son testifies before the judge in Italy | Society

Juana Rivas' eldest son testifies before the judge in Italy | Society

Juana Rivas arrives at the courts of Granada on October 2. In the video, chronicle about the declaration of the son of Rivas.

The eldest son of Juana Rivas and Francesco Arcuri has testified this Tuesday in the Italian court of Cagliari before the judge who takes the civil process on the custody of children, aged four and 12. The minor has related at the hearing the relationship that he and his brother have with their parents. Rivas and his ex-partner, Arcuri, who has provisional custody of the children since 2017 and that he has taken the child to court, they have accompanied his son but they have not been present during the declaration.

Both Rivas and his lawyer had repeatedly requested that the courts hear the child's testimony since the process began in 2017. The statement comes after the woman from Granada filed a complaint against Arcuri in late October in which she accuses him of mistreating the children.

The lawyer of Juana Rivas in Italy, María Eugenia Álvarez, explained to this newspaper that at the hearing, in which "the child has said everything he had to say", the prosecutor and the court expert have also participated. judge. Now they expect the court to make a decision. For the time being, the eldest son has returned home with his father and brother after the court hearing.

The woman from Granada, who moved to Italy to accompany the child, will be able to spend this weekend with her children. The last hearing of the process for the custody of the children took place on September 27 and the judge must still pass judgment. Rivas can spend certain days with his children in Italy, according to the established visiting regime. At the end of last month, after spending a weekend with the children, she refused to return them to her ex-partner claiming that the father had mistreated the youngest child, who complained of back pain and had several bruises.

As the girl from Granada explained, the boy told him that his father had hit him on the bed because he could not sleep and he had also thrown him against the wall. He then filed a complaint for ill-treatment and considered that not delivering the children was a "precautionary measure" that he should take given the situation of urgency and danger, which ran the children.

Finally he delivered them five days later at an Italian police station. Arcuri – convicted in Spain to three months in prison in 2009 for mistreatment of Juana Rivas, who denounced him again in 2016 – denied through his lawyer the mistreatment of children. The father of the children denounced her and asked the Justice to order the immediate delivery of the children so that they could return to school. In addition, he requested that the right to visit Rivas be suspended or that these be done with vigilance.


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