Juana Rivas does not give her children to her ex and reports mistreatment of one of them

Juana Rivas does not give her children to her ex and reports mistreatment of one of them

Juana Rivas has not given her children, aged 12 and 4, her ex-partner, the Italian Francesco Arcuri, and has filed a complaint with the Italian Police for alleged ill-treatment of the father to the youngest of the children.

This was assured today to Efe legal sources, who explained that Juana Rivas should have delivered the children on Sunday to her father, who lives in the municipality of Carloforte, in Sardinia, but he did not do it and they are with her in Cagliari.

The same sources explained that Rivas has the right to stay with the small seven consecutive days while he is in Italy and that until now he had been with them only the weekend, so "he is using this right".

They matched, however, that Rivas can be with them in the country, but children have to attend school and that is why he would have had to give them to Arcuri on Sunday so that today they could go to school in Carloforte, on the island of San Pietro, south of Sardinia, where they usually live.

The last friday Arcuri gave the children to Rivas and the mother saw then that her youngest son was complaining of pain in the lower back, where he had a bruise.

Juana went with him to the hospital of San Michele, in Cagliari, in the capital of Sardinia, and according to the two children, the bruise was consequence of an anger of the father, who pushed the child against the irons of the bed because he could not sleep and then lifted him up and threw him against a wall, explained the legal sources.

The same sources also told Efe that Juana then filed a complaint with the Italian Carabineros, who spoke with the children alone.

Juana Rivas decided then not to deliver the children to Arcuri As a precautionary measure" and has informed the competent security and civil authorities of "the emergency situation".

Rivas now waits for the competent bodies to pronounce themselves so that "the facts are clarified," the sources said.

The children, aged 4 and 12, currently live with Arcuri, who was convicted in 2009 in Spain for mistreatment, has provisional custody of the children since August 2017 and to which Juana again denounced for mistreatment in 2016.

Rivas complied on August 28, 2017 with the court order in Spain that obliged her to deliver the children to her father, after almost a month of missing her whereabouts.

Last September 27 was the last hearing of the civil process that judges in Italy to which of the two parents corresponds the custody of the minors, which has been developed in the Court of Cagliari and which began in November of 2017.



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