Juan Vidal, sweetness and sensitivity his "weapons of women"

Juan Vidal bets hard, once again, with a collection in which he puts the focus on pink and is loaded with "sensitivity" and sweetness without falling into the cheesy. Femininity is a "weapon" that empowers women.

"You can wear pink and take weapons," he told Efe Juan Vidal who has been inspired by the English writer of romantic novels Barbara Cartland to make a "romantic" collection.

In the last work of the Alicante designer, there is no lack of sexy elements. The ties of her dresses "stick" to the silhouette and the candor of a bear's print is broken with a daring lace and silk lingerie dress.

Fascinated by the writer's speech and the permanent rose in her wardrobe, Vidal has known how to turn this color around so as not to fall into excess, in leather overalls and quilted dresses.

Ink the garments of brown, red, beige or gray "the tones that she hated the most," he says amused, to create with a symbolic element like the bear, faithful to the writer who always had with her, a candid print, which in The bottom is not so much.

The ties, the romantic simile par excellence, surround the woman, "they curl up in her body", she empowers and girds her until she gets silhouettes of the 40s, while when she places them on her neck they appear oversized.

In its magnificent confection they appear in addition to fluid textiles, skirts and structured dresses with small interior miriñaques to give shape and volume.

A quilted coat that borders with hearts or the "arrows of love" in the form of sequins on dresses are details that remind us that Valentine is very close.

A seam, that of Vidal, which grows over time with pieces that excite the designer like two "upcycling" jackets, made from a pattern of his father, a "tailor always aware of the detail", with the fabrics he has rescued from his warehouse.

"It is a tribute to him", with a "patchword" garment, a very "special" garment, limited edition with fifteen pieces of each design.

The parade has ended with two wedding dresses, one of them conceived to reinterpret the one that used "Lady Di", "had an obvious connection with Barbara", a way in which Vidal claims without complexes "a happy ending".

Before, on the catwalk of the sixth day of the Madrid catwalk, Ángel Vilda, the creative soul of Brains & Beast, looks for an "Oasis" in the desert and its hostility.

A concept that moves a black and white palette and then gives way to color in 100% natural textiles such as cotton, silk or wool.

"We try to avoid pure chemistry," said the designer, showing patterns always "perverted", although you can recognize its germ, yes, moved in an unusual way as a raincoat fabric to make a skirt and a cozy poncho or a Guipure to create a sweatshirt.

The "liberty" print coexists with fifties-inspired digital "prints", which start from "collages" of old magazines.

One of the emblematic pieces of this collection is a skirt with ribbons that fall towards the floor that, placed upwards, becomes a dress.

On the catwalk there are also skirts that are giant inverted sweatshirts or pants that end in shirt cuffs that look like a “canotier” upside down.

Duarte is a young firm that makes women's and men's clothing between 25 and 45 years. Once again, the collection starts from the chosen fabrics and colors.

Inspired by an Alfa Romeo car of the fifties, the designer Kiko Font has built very functional garments of contemporary lines, more refined cuts and a chromatic palette with greens, browns, red, yellow, cauldron and two blues one smurf and another cerulean project brightness

This time, this house has wanted to give more importance to styling and presents knotted cardigans at the waist of the man and skirts with pants underneath for women. The designer plays with the overlay and colors to achieve "looks" care that breathe freedom combined with sports.

The cabinets evolve, but Duarte makes garments without expiration date, dispenses with the tyranny of fashion, the important thing for this house is to dress with quality.

Immaculate Tapia


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