June 23, 2021

Juan Roig invests in the Airhopping flight search engine | Economy

Juan Roig invests in the Airhopping flight search engine | Economy

Angels Capital, the investment company created by the president of Mercadona, Juan Roig, has decided to invest in Airhopping, a flight search engine, created by Carlos Montesinos and launched with his partner Gonzalo Ortega. The founder of this company, Carlos Montesinos, is the first entrepreneur to have completely covered the Marina de Empresas business cycle, principal hub of entrepreneurship in Valencia founded by Roig in 2015. This cycle includes training in EDEM (Business School), promotion of the company in the Lanzadera accelerator and consolidation through the investment of the Angels Capital fund.

The Marina de Empresas team expressed its satisfaction "to see that Carlos Montesinos has crowned the entire cycle of business creation based on supporting talent". "I wanted to visit different European cities by plane, make an interrail with wings", explained Montesinos, who pointed out that he then realized the complexity of looking for the best combinations among the 30,000 daily flights that are only in Europe.

This flight search engine allows you to link several destinations in one trip at a reduced price, it is already available to travel to Europe and America and soon it will be for Asia. In this way, the start-up Valencia offers the possibility of living the experience of traveling to multiple destinations at a cheaper price than the train combining two to four flights, to as many chosen places. The traveler chooses routes with a click in a search engine developed by the company's team.

"Through an algorithm, Airhopping is able to recommend which destinations are cheaper and in what order to visit them, in order to get together all those flights of 20 or 30 euros on the same trip", explains Montesinos. There are already more than 10,000 people who have flown with travel plans configured by Airhopping since its foundation in 2016.

The commitment of the private equity investment company will allow, thanks to a direct contribution of 271,000 euros, contribute to the growth of this business proposal, which will expand its offer to new destinations and more airports of origin. Currently it allows flights to cities in Europe and America from Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Alicante, Malaga, Mallorca and Oporto.

Airhopping is the twelfth start-up in which Angels participates, whose living investment in projects is already around 13 million euros. These companies have already directly generated more than 900 jobs.


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