Juan Núñez and Fran Guerra, Spain's last discards for the Eurobasket

The new base of the German Ratiopharm Ulm and the center of Lenovo Tenerife fall off the list with which Sergio Scariolo will face the championship from Thursday

Oscar Bellot

Fran Guerra and Juan Núñez are the last two Sergio Scariolo discarded for the Eurobasket that will start on Thursday. The center of Lenovo Tenerife and the new base of the German Ratiopharm Ulm fall off the list of twelve players summoned by the Spanish coach to play a tournament that the current world champion faces with many doubts, being immersed in a future generational change uncertain.

«Juan Núñez has gone much further than we thought he could reach when we called him. He has done well and has shown that he is a player who will have an important future with the national team if he improves and continues to grow. I trust him because he is a boy with an excellent mentality and very clear ideas. Obviously he still lacks a lot of experience at the international level and in professional competitions. Next year will be very important for him and we will wait for him from November in the World Cup qualification windows", Scariolo pointed out when explaining the absence of the young point guard from Madrid, who stuck his head out during the last year with Real Madrid , but who decided to sign this summer for Ratiopharm Ulm in search of the minutes in the Basketball Bundesliga and in the Eurocup that he was going to have very expensive under the orders of Chus Mateo.

Regarding the other discard, that of Fran Guerra, Scariolo has used as the main reason the need to bet on more versatile players. “Fran has done very well. He has been until the last moment even with options, but we have had to reposition roles and that has hurt him a little. We need players who can play in more roles because of course there are some who still have to adopt an acceptable level of form to be able to compete and provide solvency in the positions in which we want to use them. Fran has done fantastic and will be another reference player in the following calls”, added the also coach of Virtus Bologna.

In this way, Darío Brizuela, Lorenzo Brown, Alberto Díaz, Rudy Fernández, Jaime Fernández, Usman Garuba, Willy Hernangómez, Juancho Hernangómez, Xabi López-Arostegui, Joel Parra, Jaime Pradilla and Sebas Saiz make up the expedition that will set off this afternoon to Tbilisi (Georgia), where the Spanish team will play the first phase of the Eurobasket. Framed in Group A, the team led by Sergio Scariolo will debut on Thursday against Bulgaria (1:30 p.m.) and will later face Georgia (Saturday 3), Belgium (Sunday 4), Montenegro (Tuesday 6) and Turkey (Wednesday 7). The goal is to achieve one of the four places that give access to the final phase to be held in Berlin.


"The classification for the next phase is going to be very expensive and we have to sweat it," Scariolo warned this Tuesday, recalling that "there are rivals who have less names, but who have wickers to be able to compete" such as Bulgaria or Belgium. “It will not be an easy game. We have it clear, "the Spanish coach has influenced.

Scariolo has been very cautious with expectations, which does not mean, far from it, that he lowers his arms. "We are clear about our reality, we assume it, but we have all the motivation and enthusiasm," stressed the Spanish coach, who acknowledged that the final choice "has not been complicated." "There are fewer and fewer players who may have physical or technical talent to compete at the level that is required of us at an international level," argued the Spanish coach, a reality that is made clear, without going any further, in the fact that had to resort to the express nationalization of Lorenzo Brown to reinforce the point guard position, greatly weakened by the absence of figures such as Ricky Rubio or Sergio Llull himself, who was injured on the eve of the European Championship and leaves Rudy Fernández as the only survivor of the successes reaped by the golden generation of Spanish basketball.

In the absence of these veterans, much of the weight of the Spanish team will fall on the shoulders of the Hernangómez brothers, the aforementioned Rudy Fernández or players with a certain experience already in the national team such as Jaime Fernández or Darío Brizuela. To all this must be added the drive of Usman Garuba, Alberto Díaz or Joel Parra.

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