Thu. Apr 18th, 2019

Juan Miguel, Yurena and his anticipated Valentine

‘GH DÚO’: Morreo de Juan Miguel y Yurena en el San Valentín anticipado de Guadalix

It's Wednesday and Jordi González has returned to the small screen to present a new installment of the Last minute of GH DUO. All the news of the house summarized in just over an hour. And it is that Guadalix de la Sierra is more animated than ever both by the tension that is breathed between the four walls and by the new love relationship between Antonio Tejado and María Jesús Ruiz.

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However, on this occasion they have not been the protagonists. The Valentine's Day has arrived in advance to GH DUO Y Juan Miguel has been able to reconnect with Yurena, your former contest partner. A very emotional encounter that has concluded with a surprising morreo between the two vip contestants. To make matters worse, we have seen how Carolina Sobe has charged hard against Fortu, the one that one day was his platonic love.

The surprising morreo between Juan Miguel and Yurena

Undoubtedly, the main course of the evening has been waiting. And it is that it has not been until the end of the delivery when the Super has addressed Juan Miguel to move to what has been baptized as the love room. The contestant did not know what was waiting for him and when the door was opened and he saw Yurena He has run to embrace her.

A beautiful reunion that the protagonists have started GH DUO being a program partner. However, the verdict of the audience decided to separate them ... "Our great hope was to celebrate a wedding in Guadalix de la Sierra if we were both competing", Yurena explained Super while holding hands. "I miss you ... I did not expect to leave that night", the surprise guest has continued.


Thank you very much, I was very sensitive and it made me happy. I love you "

After a few minutes, Juan Miguel has been excited and he wanted to thank the Super and Yurena for the visit. "Thank you. I was very sensitive and it has made me very happy. I love you", The contestant expressed excited. But it was at the moment of farewell when the surprise we took the spectators.

And is that love and affection have come to Guadalix de la Sierra with the farewell of the two protagonists of the evening. They have started to kiss each other in the mouth until they have closed the nice meeting with a bite that has caught us off guard Juan Miguel and Yurena You could also say a few words in your ear before saying goodbye ... Will you resume your love story once outside GH DÚO?

Carolina Sobe charges hard against Fortu

And another of the surprises of the delivery has come from the hand of Carolina Sobe. Jordi González has given way to some exclusive images of confessional in which the participant charged hard against Fortu. "She has more nonsense than the Barbie's closet. What a stupid person, please ... He's so stupid. With someone you admire and you realize he is a cretin ", Carolina transmitted to Super.

We remember that one of the plots with which the program began was the obsession that Carolina Sobe had with Fortu. And so he remembered in the confessional: "I wanted to kidnap him Super and now I've realized he's a bad uncle ... It seems he's nine years old. And that was my Brad Pitt. " It seems that their friendship ends here.


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