July 24, 2021

Juan Marichal's son reviews his father's career at the Negrn Foundation – La Provincia

Juan Marichal's son reviews his father's career at the Negrn Foundation - La Provincia

The figure of Juan Marichal (Tenerife, 1922 – Mexico, 2010) centers the symposium that takes place this Tuesday, October 9 at the Juan Negrín Foundation and is celebrated within the framework of XXIII American Canary History Colloquiuma, which organizes House of Columbus, from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Four specialists will approach from different aspects the work of one of the most original intellectuals of Spain in the second half of the nineteenth century, both for the nature of its production and its vital journey, since the political circumstances led to the American exile from 1938

It is no coincidence that the celebration of this symposium on Marichal is held at the Juan Negrín Foundation. The last head of government of the Second Republic always captivated the professor from Tenerife, which he once said, on the occasion of a conference he gave in Gran Canaria, that he had "a very patriotic conscience", something he considered "very canary" .

Your son, Carlos Marichal Salinas, professor in The College of Mexico; Julia Cela, biographer and scholar of his work; William Christian, researcher and alumnus, and the professor of Contemporary History of the ULPGC and director of the Cátedra Juan Negrín, José Miguel Pérez García, are the speakers of the symposium that takes place this Tuesday, October 9, at 4:00 pm, at the headquarters of the Juan Negrín Foundation, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Carmen Negrín, president of honor of the Juan Negrín Foundation, is in charge of opening the program, which includes the presentation in Gran Canaria of the Web page of the works of Juan Marichal, of free access for the Libraries of several Universities of Spain and America.

This web page was presented yesterday, Thursday, October 4 at the Student's residence of Madrid, with a colloquium in which the historian participated Santos Juliá and the journalist Juan Cruz, among others.

Juan Marichal He studied a degree at UNAM in Mexico (1941-1945), and obtained a doctorate at Princeton University in 1947. He was Professor of Literature and Intellectual History of Spain at Harvard University (1959 – 1988), center of which he was named emeritus. His work was important and diverse and included in the Spanish political transition.

He was a historian of the classic Spanish essay and editor of the Complete works from Manuel Azaña (Oasis, Mexico, 4 vols.), As well as author of a large number of essays on the great figures of cultural and political life in Spain in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Received the Canary Islands Literature Prize in 1987, together with the essayist María Rosa Alonso, and in 1996 the National History Award from Spain in 1996. Marichal, married to Solita Salinas, also wrote about his father-in-law, the poet Pedro Salinas.


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