Juan José Padilla, National Bullfighting | Culture

Juan José Padilla, National Bullfighting | Culture

The bullfighter Juan José Padilla is the winner of the National Bullfighting Award, corresponding to 2018. The jury, according to the note sent by the Ministry of Education and Culture, wanted to recognize his figure "in the year of his retirement from the ring, in recognition of an extraordinary career of twenty-five years, in which he has fought nearly 1,500 bullfights, reaching incontestable triumphs in the main bullring of the world. " In addition, it affirms in its decision, "the awarding of this Prize represents the recognition of values ​​that are specific to bullfighting, such as effort, dedication and ability to excel, which are projected beyond the ring, and which are embodied in the personality and trajectory of Juan José Padilla ".

The National Bullfighting Award, granted by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, is intended to recognize the meritorious work of a person, entity or institution during the Spanish season of 2018 in the exercise of the different activities and manifestations of bullfighting. In exceptional cases, duly motivated, it may also be granted as recognition to a professional career. It is endowed with 30,000 euros.

Juan José Padilla (Jerez de la Frontera, 1973), has suffered 39 catches in his 25-year career. One of them has made him the only bullfighter with a patch in one eye. Throughout his career he has played more than 1,500 runs, including 11 of Miura in Seville. He took the alternative in the bullring of Algeciras on June 18, 1994, being his godfather Pedro Castillo and as a witness the Niño de la Taurina. Among the prizes previously received, are the 1st Carrusel Taurino Award of Canal Sur 2012, the Medal of the Province of Cádiz, has been twice leader in the list of winners of the bullfighting seasons of 2013 and 2014 and Special Gold Ear of RNE . Less than a month ago he retired from the Spanish ring after leaving on the shoulders in Zaragoza


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