July 25, 2021

Juan José Padilla, National Bullfighting Award

Juan José Padilla, National Bullfighting Award

The bullfighter Juan José Padilla has been awarded the National Bullfighting Prize 2018 by the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The jury wanted to recognize his figure in the year of its withdrawal from the ring, and has also extolled the values ​​of effort, dedication and ability to excel inside and outside the ring that embody the personality and career of Padilla.

The National Bullfighting Prize, which this year celebrates its sixth edition and It is endowed with 30,000 euros, recognizes the meritorious work of a person, entity or institution during the Spanish season of 2018 in the exercise of the different activities and manifestations of bullfighting. But more than a season in particular, for Jerez this award comes to recognize all that teaching that has been acquiring since he was eight years old decided he wanted to be a bullfighter.

"This award thrills me very much, I give thanks for all the affection, recognition and delivery that I am receiving from the fans. All this makes me feel proud of this profession"The right-hander could not hide his excitement after receiving the prize, and he has recognized that the world of bullfighting is not in a good moment:" I'm not pessimistic, I trust that the bullfighting world always has the political support it needs"On the other hand, he explains the reasons for his retirement:" I have never thought about leaving bullfighting, but my family and friends have asked me to stop fighting because I had already completed a cycle. But I have always said that suffering is part of the glory and it was clear to me that I owed to myself not to disappoint myself and get back in front of the bull's face. I wanted some twenty-five more runs, but God has helped me overcome these adversities. "

Padilla has been one of the most important bullfighters of recent decades thanks to his exploits, but also because he was one of the most punished bullfighters, with the best thirty-nine horns that run through his body, the most serious, which suffered in Zaragoza in 2011 and cost him the loss of his left eye. But far from assuming the end of his career, Padilla returned a few months later to the ring, already wearing a patch in the eye to fulfill another seven years of profession.


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