March 4, 2021

Juan Ignacio Blanco dies, criminologist of the Alcsser case – La Provincia

Juan Ignacio Blanco, popularly known as the criminologist of the Case Alcàsser, has died. Blanco, 63 years old and who died yesterday in El Escorial (Madrid), accompanied for years Fernando García, father of Miriam, one of the girls murdered in the triple crime, both in their public appearances and in the television appearances that the parent did in the controversial program of Pepe Navarro.

Precisely for his interventions in one of those programs, specifically in "El Juí d'Alcàsser", broadcast by Channel 9, Juan Ignacio Blanco was convicted of insults. In addition to the penalty imposed for insults in 2009 and confirmed in 2010 by lie about the work developed by the complainants – four civil guards, the chief prosecutor and the forensic – White was sentenced to one year and three months, although later the court hardened his sentence.

Juan Ignacio Blanco acquired fame and notoriety as a result of joining Fernando García and propitiate the baseless conspiracy theories about the Alcàsser case. These hypotheses were poured mainly in the Telecinco program "Tonight we cross the Mississippi", by Pepe Navarro, turning part of the case into a constant media circus highly profitable.

In May of 1998, a few months after the sentence of the crime, Juan Ignacio Blanco published the book '¿Qué pasó en Alcácer?', in which he defends his hypothesis of the murders according to the theory of the conspiracy exposed in the television programs 'El juí d'Alcàsser', of Channel 9, and 'Tonight we cross the Mississipi', of Telecinco. The mother of Desirée denounced the publication of the book to include images of your daughter's autopsy without your consent. The book was finally judicially seized in August 1998.

However, as proof of the Netflix docuserie recently released on the case, he continued selling the book later, and there are even some last images captured in life in April 2018 in a hotel in Alboraia where offered a talk and signed copies.

Fernando García and Juan Ignacio Blanco, in 1997. Photo: F. Montenegro

In 2012, the journalist he went back to sit on the bench of the accused by disseminate images of autopsies online. The facts allegedly occurred during the years 2005 and 2007. Blanco had access to the summary of the triple crime for his relationship with the father of one of the girls and supposedly published on the internet, together with another person, the images of the autopsies, the removal of the corpses and others that belonged to the minors. The Office of the Prosecutor requested two years in prison and to compensate the mother of one of the girls with 12,000 euros for the moral damage caused, but finally He was acquitted.

Likewise, he was also condemned as Secretary of the Niñas de Alcàsser Foundation, created by Fernando García and that was never legalized, despite the fact that it became a income generating machine for both.

Juan Ignacio Blanco suffered for years a serious illness that, finally, has cost him his life. His figure jumped back into the public eye after the recent premiere of the Netflix documentary about the Alcàsser case, where visible physical deterioration caused by the ailment he suffered.

The death of Juan Ignacio Blanco, which took place on Wednesday, was disseminated in several of the social network profiles from which the false theory of the conspiracy of the Alcàsser case continues to be fed, although there has been no official confirmation of the death until today.

Coincidentally, the death of Juan Ignacio Blanco has coincided in time not only with the recent premiere of the Netflix documentary about the Alcàsser case, but also with the discovery of several bones in the same place where the three girls were murdered decades ago.

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