Juan Echanove and Ricardo Gmez star in John Logan's Red in the Cuys – La Provincia

Juan Echanove and Ricardo Gmez star in John Logan's Red in the Cuys - La Provincia

The actors Juan Echanove and Ricardo Gómez, who for years were uncle and nephew in the television series Tell me, they come back to join on the stages to star in Red, the greatest theatrical success of the dramatist and screenwriter John Logan (Gladiator, The aviator, Skyfall) He arrives in Spain for the first time.

The assembly, which premiered last November at the Teatro Español in Madrid, can be seen tomorrow and Saturday at 8.30 pm at the Cuyás Theater, where is it about to hang the poster of 'all sold', announced the artistic director of the venue, Gonzalo Ubani, during the presentation made with the actors.

At, Mark Rothko (Echanove), one of the great representatives of the so-called Abstract Expressionism, faces a great professional challenge, but also an ethical drama: paint a series of extraordinarily well-paid murals that must be decorated by the elite Four Seasons restaurant in New York. The commission represents the beginning of his decline, his and the movement to which he belongs, but the stormy creator refuses to accept that a new current, Pop Art, lurks ready to trample his legacy as his generation did with the cubists who preceded him. Under the incisive gaze of his young assistant (Gómez) and shooting words like darts, Rothko paints an accurate portrait of his vision of art, life and death that he did not want to wait for.

Awarded with six Tony Awards (including Best Work) and represented in half the world from Chile to Japan, Red, it constitutes the greatest theatrical success of John Logan and is the first time that it is represented in Spanish stages. The own Echanove assumes the direction after the loss to the front of the project of Gerald Vera, its original director in Spain. The text has been translated and adapted by José Luis Collado.

Vera and Collado came together to develop this proposal that delves into the life and work of a great master of contemporary art (Mark Rothko) and is part of an even bigger project started a few years ago: the staging of a large repertoire of universal theater, beginning with the adaptation of Dostoevsky and continuing with that of some of the most interesting philosophical works of Francisco Quevedo.

Starting at just 12 euros, the last tickets to see it in the Gran Canarian Cabildo are on sale at the theater's box office and website: www.teatrocuyas.com


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