April 18, 2021

Juan del Val wins the Primavera Prize of novel with 'Candela', the portrait of a woman in the quarantine | Culture

Juan del Val wins the Primavera Prize of novel with 'Candela', the portrait of a woman in the quarantine | Culture

The writer and presenter Juan del Val (Madrid, 1970) has won the Spring Prize of novel with Candle, a novel starring a woman in the quarantine who runs alongside her grandmother and mother a neighborhood bar where she "spends her whole life", in the words of the ganardor. The jury, chaired by Carme Riera and formed by Antonio Soler, Gervasio Posadas, Fernando Rodríguez Lafuente and Ana Rosa Semprún has taken the decision by majority.

Described by the jury as a "very well defined frieze of characters with a woman protagonist, contemporary woman, very well drawn" the work is full of humor and "narrative freshness". "The healthiest thing in life is laughing at everything," said the winner this morning in Madrid. "The look and manner of evolving the character has to do with humor," he added.

About Candela, the protagonist, Del Val believes that she is "a wonderful woman who does not even know what she is". "Women have always amazed me and not only from the sexual point of view," he jokes before telling how he has gotten into the skin of a woman guided by the fascination towards them. "I think your universe is wonderful, how they feel, how they think", he said with his eyes traveling between his mother and your partner, Nuria Roca, both present in the act of delivery.

With this award, the Primavera Prize continues with the path opened in 2017 when he was awarded the prize to the presenter Carme Chaparro for his first novel. "My way of telling stories has to do with the audiovisual and that is seen in this novel," said the author when asked if he thought about a future adaptation to television.

In this edition, 1,125 originals were received with Spain (552 titles), Argentina (156) and Mexico (78) as main contributions. The winner of the previous edition of the prize -that they have obtained throughout its 23 editions Rosa Montero, Fernando Savater or Antonio Soler among others- was Javier Moro. Del Val has been "very proud" to become part of this list of authors.


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