April 16, 2021

Juan del Val wins the Primavera Espasa de Novela Prize with «Candela»

Juan del Val wins the Primavera Espasa de Novela Prize with «Candela»

The bar as microworld, a place where the whole life goes by. Juan del Val, a radio and television journalist, has won the Primavera de Novela Prize, endowed with 100.00 euros, with "Candela", a story starring three generations of women. The work focuses on the character that gives the name to the book, a waitress of forty years of age, resabiada and savvy, who runs a bar with his one-eyed mother and grandmother. In front of them will pass a varied clientele, which is no more than the theater through which life looms and which completes the puzzle of stocks that make up the day to day of a neighborhood.

The jury chaired by Carme Riera and composed by Antonio Soler, Gervasio Poasdas, Fernando Rodríguez Lafuente and Ana Rosa Semprún, stressed that "It is a very fresh and current novel for the treatment of female characters" and has "an interesting frieze of female characters that is going to turn it into a great success ». This XXIII edition of the award, which has been presented with 1,125 originals from Europe, America, Asia and Africa, has thus fallen on a male writer, but with a great ability to penetrate the female soul. "Women have always amazed me, and not only on a sexual level. The main role of the book has put me in the character of a woman, but always starting from the fascination I feel for her. I have always felt devotion for the feminine world ", commented the winner.

The novelist, who declared himself to feel an enormous "honor to appear on a list in which Fernando Savater has been", affirmed that «Ahead of Candela, who runs a bar in Madrid, passes the whole world. I do not conceive life without a sense of humor. I think you have to laugh at everything and that's why I've chosen a character like her, who has an enormous capacity to do it and also has a sense of humor that is hilarious ». The author acknowledged that he has a very cinematic prose, "a very audiovisual way of telling stories," but said he has "no intention of taking the novel to the screen. If someone is interested in making a film, I would value it, but this is a book designed with the vocation of reading ».


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