Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

Juan Castillo sculpts time

The Francis Naranjo Foundation presents two exhibitions at the House of Culture of Santa Mara de Gua (C / Cannigo Gordillo N 22). An individual exhibition of the Chilean artist based in Sweden Juan Castillo entitled Of the circulation of the images, in the Santa Catalina Hermitage Room; and a collective exhibition entitled FROM BOLIVIA, in the Lujn Prez Room.

Juan Castillo says that "if we believe that the work of art is what the artist produces, we cannot ignore what originates this fact: the different relationships that feed him and give him meat."

The Chilean artist lived part of his childhood in the Salitrera of Pedro de Valdivia, in the pampas of northern Chile, until he moved to Sweden in 1986, a fact that has marked his entire process.

In Santiago de Chile, between 1978 and 1983 he formed and integrated the CADA Art Actions Collective, a group of visual artists, writers and sociologist, formed together with Lotty Rosenfeld, Diamela Eltit, Ral Zurita and Fernando Balcells, with whom they carried out various actions of art and facilities in Chile and abroad. These actions being a reference of political art on the world stage.

He has reflected critically on the strategies and objectives of the visual arts, on the being and the work of the artist. On the work, he argues that "what is floating in the air is the intention of sculpting time" investigating in those blurred areas that determine our different identities.

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