April 11, 2021

Juan Carlos Quintana takes over a Skoda Fabia Rally2

Nils Solans with the Skoda Fabia R5 at the Rally Islas Canarias 2020. |  |  MOTORACTUALIDAD.ES

Nils Solans with the Skoda Fabia R5 at the Rally Islas Canarias 2020. | | MOTORACTUALIDAD.ES

The unit of the Skoda Fabia Rally2 (R5) by Calm Competió that JC Quintana Motorsport has just acquired is the same mount with which it participated in the last ‘Nuevo Baztán’ Gravel Timed Section, which was held in Madrid, and which has been the inaugural test of the Madrid calendar. The car has been completely revised at the Skoda Motorsport facilities in the Czech Republic, leaving it in an impeccable condition to face this season in the CERT.

The 2021 sports program of the JC Quintana Motorsport team focuses on the Spanish Rally Championship on Gravel, whose first commitment will take place at the Lorca Rally on April 23 and 24. The man from Gran Canaria has experience in the national dirt track having participated in previous years at the controls of a Mitsubishi EVO-IX and EVO-X, Citroën DS3 N5 from RMC, a Ford Fiesta R5 from Gorka Eizmendi and a Skoda Fabia R5 from the team KZN Proservice. With the EVO-X he will do the Canarian Rally Championship on gravel.

The Fabia Rally2 is the same car with which the Catalan Nils Solans won in the 2020 Spanish Rally Championship on Gravel (CERT), and the same unit with which he led the Rally Islas Canarias 2020, until two punctures in a row. they forced him to give up the first position, which is why he had to carry out an entire section with a rear wheel rimmed.

Also with ‘Rocket’ Suárez

In addition, the Fabia R5 was the car with which José Antonio Suárez ‘Rocket’ participated in the RACC Rally of Catalonia in 2019, framed in the WRC2 category, a scoring event for the World Rally Championship.

Juan Carlos Quintana and Yeray Mujica will be one more year in the Spanish Championship of Gravel Rallies, a contest whose opening event is the Tierras Altas de Lorca Rally, which will be held on April 23 and 24. The test that was initially scheduled for the month of March has been moved to April following the recommendations of the health authorities of the Region of Murcia.

With this mount, Juan Carlos Quintana plans to be in the Isla Verde Gravel Rally in La Palma, the first round of the Canarian Gravel Rally Championship, a contest in which the Gran Canaria rider has a program for this season.

The last participations with this mount from Quintana were in the Provincial Slalom Championship. Quintana had planned to be in the Rally Ciudad de Telde (asphalt), but finally rejected participation.

The Tejina-Tegueste,

On the other hand, Sport Eventos Tenerife asked the Inter-island Federation of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (FIASCT) to postpone the I Rallysprint Tejina-Tegueste in view of the level 3 situation decreed by the Government of the Canary Islands fifteen days ago and that it does not seem that it will change in the next few hours given the high number of cases accumulated in recent days on the island. A positive change this Thursday would foreseeably not take effect until 00:00 on Monday.


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