October 21, 2020

Juan Carlos Quintana learns about snow – The Province

Juan Carlos Quintana learns about snow - The Province

Juan Carlos Quintana, with his co-pilot Rogelio Peñate, in command of an EVO-IX, decorated with the 'Sun of Maspalomas', they traveled to Finland in order to carry out an intense Driving course on snow of the Scandinavian country.

The champion of Spain in the Group N category, in addition to the EVO Cup and the Canary Rally championship on land, concentrates on a new assault on the national trophy on land commanded by a rider as competitive as the R5.

The couple from Gran Canaria have moved to the Finnish town of Rovaniemi and have carried out 400 km test with your EVO-IX. The insulars have received classes from instructors specialized in the slid of the car on the snow and have been able to roll in different types of layouts.

During the intense days that took place in Finland, the pilots ran in two types of routes. One with very fast tracing characteristics in which to reach high speeds, comprised of about three kilometers; and in another circuit with a slower speed arrangement because it comprised different blind flush and some very closed curves.

Juan Carlos Quintana commented on the experience that: "Little by little we have been able to appreciate a evolution after learning", since as the couple rolled and made more kilometers, they were" more comfortable. "What the pilots are left with is what" we have learned in the Nordic techniques on ice ", since" it is very important to play with the weights and inertias of the vehicle. "In addition," the key is to take the vehicle as straight as possible", said Quintana, although for the pilot," this is nothing new, but when you are on snow the sensations are very different from other types of road, "he said.

As for the impressions of Rogelio Peñate, co-pilot of Quintana, he highlighted the transfer to the tests in Finnish lands because " the technique of the course was very well designed"

Asimiso, Peñate indicated that the work he has been doing with his pilot is an experience of years and that it is "a learning process so that in three or four days we can take the necessary knowledge".

Those responsible for the course have several circuits prepared on frozen lakes and that allows different techniques to work on different paths. Some are faster, with blind flush and others much slower, with very tight curves for which you have to work very well on the braking. "As in any type of ground, the seconds are won when you brake the brakes", sentenced Peñate.


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